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Do you ever ream of having your own personal stylist? The type of person who has years of experience in fashion, knows the hottest trends in the industry and also understand your style and what suits your body shape? Imagine having this experience every month from the pleasure of your own home. That’s just what JustFab do.

JustFab is a subscription based service that has a wide selection of shoes, bags, jewellery and clothes. It asks you to fill out a quick survey to determine your style and then every month you will receive your hand picked goodies. If you see anything that catches your eye then you can by without creating a membership however with one, prices drop from £40+ less than a tenner. The most popular option is their two pairs of shoes for £35. We’ve all seen the advert. The one where the woman opens her wardrobe to reveal rows and rows or beautiful heels, boots, trainers and sandals. That could be us. JustFab turns dreams into reality.



From little black dresses to ripped jeans to leather jackets, Just Fab has a wide selection of clothes to choose from. All in trend of course. The wide variety also means that there’s something for every age, style and price. Jeans and grey tees will never go out of style whilst culottes and embroiled jackets cater for all this seasons desires. There also super comfy too, I highly recommend the jogging bottoms for those long evenings of essay writing and then grab a pleated culotte romper for the evening trip to the pub for a few bevies. Clothes are available in XS to 3XL.





Comfy. Stylish. Durable. This is what you want a good pair of shoes to be. This is what JustFab is. There’s a reason why JustFab is well known for their shoes. The boots are to die for whilst the Loafers and trainers will leave you wanting to try out a new style. You also have a choice of heel size  in boots so you can walk high with confidence or go super comfy in some flats. You also get a buy one get one free offer on your first pair of shoes so it’s always worth a shot. Shoes are available in sizes 3 – 5.


Big. Small. Round. Square. Clutch. Satchel. There is so much variety. My favourite is the Iden red heart shaped satchel. A classy and quirky twist on the Vivienne Westwood Dorset handbag. There is everything you could possibly want. Whether you’re looking for a black leather rucksack to carry all your uni books or a new bucket bag to carry into town, JustFab is definitely one of the first places you should look.

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Brittany Guymer

Editor of the Student Wire | Studying PR and Journalism at Leeds Beckett | Lover of good music and all things quirky | Easily bribed with mini eggs

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