JustFab’s Summer Accessories Pick

Summer can only mean one thing. Shorts, playsuits and tons and tons of accessories. Picking the right necklace or bag to go with an outfit can often be harder than we first anticipate, it can either make or ruin a look. We’ve teamed up with JustFab to show you some of the best accessories that JustFab have to offer this summer. 












A bag can make or break a look. That’s why we love this Berenger bag. A day of exploring is not complete with a rucksack and this one is both stylish and useful. Black goes with everything, that’s a widely known fact, so whether your dressing up or dressing down this rucksack will match your outfit. It’s also incredibly soft with adjustable straps so come rain or shine, this bag will sit comfortably on your shoulder, one strap or two, and won’t rub on your clothes. It’s also the perfect size, large enough for everything you could possibly need (water, tissues, makeup, maybe even a spare pair of shoes) yet it’s not too big that it feels clumsy and bulky on your back.

Have I sold this bag to you yet? Good, because at £8.75 in the summer sale it’s a steal and I’ve been using it everyday since I first managed to get my hands on it! You can’t wrong with a simple, black, soft leather rucksack. (Also available in pink).


Chokers. A love or hate accessory but regardless of your own opinion, they’ve been a hit this season and don’t show any signs of disappearing soon. The Three to See necklace bundle has helped us at StudentWire fall in love with the choker all over again. With three separate and interchangeable necklaces, the choker has been given an uphaul. 

The choker and long necklace combo is not a new thing. Many celebs and influencers have been seen rocking the trend on Instagram for the past couple of months, the most notable being Tanya Burr. However until now, this trend was only for the wealthy. The arrival of the matching choker and necklace in highstreet shops has already been received with excitement and at only £2.49, this elegant yet edgy look is a must have this season. 

(Also available in Black)












Lace-up shoes are everywhere nowadays. From our favourite bloggers to much loved celebs, this is a trend that we love! It’s fashionable, versatile, comfy and you can tie up the shoe in you down unique way. These Gaeta Whiskey shoes from JustFab perfectly fit the bill. The lace-up is suede so it feels soft against your ankle, whether you choose to lace them tight or loose, around the ankle or all the way up the leg. The shoes have also quickly wear to the shape of your foot to create a comfortable shoe that you can happily wear for days on end yet are durable and strong enough that they look like they’ll last for years! 

(Available in black and olive for £8.75).

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