JustFabs Summer Clothing Pick

You’ve probably read our Summer Accessories Pick, if not you can read it here, so now it’s time for our Clothing Pick. Here our our top 3 pieces of clothing to wear this summer.


Regardless of where you decide to go on holiday this year, chances are you will be indeed of a swimming costume/bikini, and whether you’re the type of person who likes simple or likes to eccentric patterns, this gingham blue pattern is the best of both worlds. Available as a Retro One Piece or a Gingham Two Piece, this pattern is flattering and unique to anything else currently on the market without being too ‘in your face’. At only £8.75 in the summer sale (yes, for both the top and bottoms!), JustFab swimwear stays put whilst your swimming to avoid any embarrassing flashes whilst also been incredibly flattering to almost every body type. 


Tea Dress:



Another big trend that JustFab have nailed this summer is the Tea Dress.The perfect summer dress for those long summer days, summer dresses are often floaty, light, comfortable and often come in beautiful vintage floral patterns and JustFab have nailed this.  This time, they’ve teamed the tea dress with another summer 2017 favourite, the wrap dress. This Ruffle Wrap Tea Dress is the best of both worlds and so right on track with this summers trends as well as keeping you nice and cool in the heat. 

(Available for £8.75).




This year, a lot of us will be staying in the UK for our holidays and we all know how temperamental the British sun can be! I’m writing this now in 31C heat yet I’ll still be taking a small jacket out with me when I go on holiday in a few weeks! As the days start to get shorter, the temperature at night can plummet and this Classic Peacoat is a great extra to have with you. It’s made from polyester so it’s not as thick as the wollen peacoats usually sold in the winter but it’s still the perfect thickness to keep a little bit of heat in whilst being soft against your skin. Stylish, elegant and effortless, this little jacket will be a must have in a few weeks when the temperature begins to fall again! Always be prepared in Britain! 

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