Justin Bieber: Purpose album review

Many months later I’ve finally caved in to social convention and bought Justin Bieber’s new album, Purpose. I am not a fan of Bieber himself but he has made great leaps and bounds in his music in the year 2015. The album starts off with the song ”Mark My Words”. Not one I’d keep on repeat. For me, it’s not a great song opener, it’s repetition of the same lyrics and base line can be rather annoying after about a minute. Yes most modern day artists do this but this song is just not catchy enough to get away with it. The song is a bit slow as well for an opening song in my opinion also. I prefer medium paced songs to start an album. It holds promise for the first minute then goes downhill from there. ”I’ll Show You” is a much better opening song for this album. I don’t like how they are two semi slow songs placed together, by this point in the album you’ll be chilling, nearly falling asleep. Not something a student really wants to do before a night out. So thank goodness ”What Do You Mean” the number hit selling single, followed by ”Sorry” and ”Love Yourself” are next. I think these three songs are well suited together, it’s just a shame they all happen to be singles and are grouped together so most people are likely to skip straight to track three on this CD. Some hidden gems for me on this CD are ”Company” and ”Children”. ”Company” has overall great music and lyrics, up beat and meaningful. Just what I like. Whereas ”Children” is much more of a dance song. Something you would listen to before a night out. Overall the album is a lot better than I ever anticipated it would be. I never held high standards for Justin Bieber but I’ll give him credit just this once. I just wish he didn’t use bad font writing on the back of the CD… How are you suppose to read the track titles? Silly boy.

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