Keep your pre-drinks interesting

Pre-drinks at university occur more regularly than your attendance to a 9.15 lecture and it’s important in the first few weeks to give sufficient time to collective intoxication. After all, these first couple of hours before heading for a night on the town can help form the foundation of friendships that you will likely keep throughout your time at uni. The problem is though some pre-drinks games may be getting a little tedious. There’s only so many times you can play Ring of Fire a week and its getting very dull hearing that Adele had a threesome in Magaluf in ‘Never have I ever’. In order to keep your pre-drinks  interesting here are a few alternative suggestions.

Crate escape

A drinking game that will probably require a team effort to clean the flat the next day. Each person attending the pre-drinks session is expected to bring a crate of beer/cider. These are then stacked up against the door and no one is to leave before all the alcohol is consumed. The biggest flaw that comes to mind with this game is that it’s a blatant fire hazard but that will be the least of your worries when you realise you need the toilet…

Phone Roulette

Now you’ve got to know your flatmates and consider them friends, it’s time to put your phone in their trusty hands. For this pre-drinks game everybody puts their mobile phone in the middle of the table and picks somebody else’s at random. Next each person composes a message and picks to send it to whomever they want in the phones contact list. Before sending the message though all the phones are handed back to their respective owners and it is their decision to send the message or take a shot. The amount of alcohol consumed will depend entirely on how kind your friends are.

Battle Shots

A twist on an old childhood favourite that your grandparents aren’t likely to appreciate. Like the name suggests this game is similar to battleships except in this incarnation everybody gets drunk. To play this pre-drinks game you will need a table with a piece of cardboard (an old pizza box is perfect) stood vertically in the middle. Use shots glasses filled with spirits to represent the ships and proceed to find the other teams. Every time a team’s ship is discovered they must down the shot.


This pre-drinks game is about endurance and will undoubtedly make or break your night. The idea is pretty simple (or stupid), 100 shots of whatever you want in 100 minutes. This game will likely end in failure in one of two ways. Either being put to bed after passing out, or refusing to complete the game when you realise you have seriously underestimating how hard 100 shots of anything is. Complete the game though and you will be hailed as a hero throughout the remainder of your time at uni.

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