Keep yourself warm this winter -10 knitwear trends

You can wear knitwear in any shape or design you want. No matter whether you want them in a turtleneck or crew neck, you can own your individual look in them. Long winters are not scary; the weather conditions are the only thing that can hurt us. In fact, the single best thing about winter is how we get to wear all these new warming sweater trends! 

Essential pieces you need for your wardrobe


Dresses and skirts are obviously wardrobe staples and can be worn no matter what the weather conditions are. There are a lot of clothes that will make the whole wardrobe look incomplete if they are not present in the wardrobe. This is why you need to buy them from own the look sale and make them a part of your wardrobe.

What do you have to see while buying the winter outfits?

Whenever you go out and think of buying a winter outfit, the first thing that you should see is the warmth. If the outfit you are going to buy is not warm, there is no reason for buying it. Also, the chic look. If your outfit is not able to give you a chic look after you have spent a hundred pounds on it, why are you even buying it?

Style plus comfort is all you need

If there is warmth yet no style in your outfit, it can often look incomplete and it is surely the other way around. All your outfits should be able to keep you warm whilst still giving you style points too.

Here are some of the latest knitwear trends for this season, as well as some classic wardrobe staples

White knitwear

White gives a clear and clean appearance and gives your skin a lighter tone. It’s often noted as being the most slimming colour too, as well as looking minimalist and chic. Pair it with colourful shoes or jewellery to add a bright pop of colour to your outfits. 

Red sweaters

The classic red sweater is the ultimate fashion wear for winter. When everything outside is dark and you wear red, you can light up the room with berry or burgundy tones. Winter is definitely a drab and dull season; this means red is the best colour to add festive cheer. Pair red knitwear with silver, grey or navy tones for the ultimate fashion statement. 

The sweater dress

The sweater dress is a smart-casual wardrobe classic that will help you achieve the best formal winter looks. The best thing about them is they’re so versatile; pair with colourful tights, leggings, or jeans for the ultimate cool and collected fashion statement. 

Pearl embellishments

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but pearls come a close second. Pearl is not just for accessories either; it also looks best as embellishments on clothes as well. So, invest in some pearl-orientated clothing this winter. Pearl often implies the importance, decadence and intricacy of an outfit. Go for pearl when you do not want to keep your look basic.

Balloon (bell) sleeves

Balloon sleeves is another trend that you definitely need this winter. In your looks and your outfits, there should be some elements of change. This makes the people have a second look at you. Balloon and bell sleeves are a great choice to add a bit of flare to your outfits.

Chunky knit

If you want to go for a chunky funky look this season, go for chunky knitwear cardigans or jumpers. The thick yarn will be enough for you to keep you from catching cold, and the thick detailing means you don’t have to splash out on accessories to keep your outfit interesting. 

Cable knits

It’s not just your electrics that need cables. Jokes aside…the newest cable knitwear is a definite must-have for your wardrobe. The permuting stitches achieved by the unique style of crisscross knitting is one of a kind. 



Fur sweaters

Fur is the best thing for winter. Fur is a great passion for many women; it keeps them warm while keeping them in on top of the latest style and fashion trends. Also, the soft, downy texture of fur definitely adds an element of comfort and cosiness.

Striped knitwear

Striped stuff is making a comeback, so you definitely need some stripes for your wardrobe. Go get yours from own the look fashion and enjoy the flattering perks of striped knitwear. Discover the stylish range of knitwear in striped design to make yourself look more appealing and presentable.  Not forgetting the fact that your outfits say a lot about you so if you want others to get inspired by you, go for striped knitwear.

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