What kind of student driver are you?

socialsnippets-01Did you drive to University this year? Did you drive safely? Well, you can now find out exactly what type of driver you are with this fun interactive calculator from The Fuelcard Company.

Are you a backseat driver or a karaoke legend? Or do you constantly break the rules? Now’s your time to find out and share with your housemates.

The company has also done a study which discovered that more than 52% of Brits have potentially dangerous driving habits, the most common being… 

  1. Going too fast (64%)
  2. Texting while driving (60%)
  3. Using the phone or hands-free (57%)
  4. Eating at the wheel (54%)
  5. Driving too close to other vehicles (52%)
  6. Throwing rubbish out of the window (51%)
  7. Going too slow (50%)
  8. Smoking behind the wheel (48%)
  9. Hogging the middle lane (47%)
  10. Checking phone notifications (46%)

Go on, how many are you guilty of?

Are you a rager?
And if you suffer from the odd bit of road rage, you’re not alone! 38% of Brits admitted they felt they got a bit hot under the collar when behind the wheel. With the DVLA currently listing 45.5 million drivers in Great Britain that equates to 17million drivers suffering from road rage.

Other bad practices identified in the study include 13% of people driving without shoes, 31% singing while driving and 8% committing sexual acts.


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