Let’s talk about money!

Are you a student struggling with money? Do you just wish you could forget about it and fully enjoy uni life?

I bet a majority of you don’t know about the many different ways to save and earn money while studying!
For example, did you know you can be supported and employed by your university’s Job Shop? 

It’s an actual agency which helps students get involved in work experience. It also offers a wide range of opportunities of casual jobs. Very easy to fit in your busy schedule!

Looking for a part time job? I would suggest you to start your job-hunting online to see which businesses are hiring. If you have a dream job, or a shop you always fancied working in, just keep an eye on the official website to see if there are any vacancies. You might be lucky!

However, the problem for most student arises when the weekly schedule is too tight. There’s not always spare time for work hours. In this situation, I can give you some tips to make money quickly and more easily:

  • Look for any research activity going on in your college or university. Most of the time, focus groups pay really well, and you only need to take part in a discussion, giving your opinion on various matters. 
  • Check your Facebook Event Page to see if any fair or specific event is going on-you might get an opportunity to do promotional activity for a day and you would end up earning much more than you could in one day if employed by a company! 

If all of the above don’t really appeal to you, here are some tips at least to save a bit of money:

  • When you shop or do any kind of recreational activity (gym, movies, museums) keep in mind that you can take advantage of your student discount almost everywhere. Download the UniDays app, it’s a great way to get started!        
  • Instead of booking Uber each time you leave your house, start walking! You might even notice a change in your fitness…and your wallet will be lighter too!
  • When it comes to getting textbooks for you course, check your university library and see if you can borrow them from there before spending money and buying them outright. 
  • Try to put as much money as you can into your “Savings Account”. This is an account where you deposit all your savings and extra cash-so you are not tempted to spend everything at once!
  • If you can, keep tracking your expenses. It’ll help you to become more aware and realize the difference between “needs” and “wants”. Now you can balance the two!

Hope these tips will be useful! 🙂

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