Where to Look For a Graduate Job

With the majority of students in the grips of their dissertation in the run up to the finish line, you can sometimes forget the reason you actually went in the first place. To get a job of course. But whilst, you may be dreaming of freedom once you’re final uni assignments have been handed over, it’s soon time to begin the job hunt. In fact, sooner than you think.

After slaving away for 3 years, the fear of whether all that hard work has paid off can be a worrying one, but did you know that often your degree subject or final grade don’t always come into question? That’s not to say you should begin to slack off now, but if you’ve discovered that what you went to university for isn’t what you want to do, or fancy trying your hand at something new then all is not lost.

It seems more and more employers are putting passion for the industry at the heart of their job search, and whilst a certain knowledge may come into it, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

We’ve put together a guide to help you on your job search with industries, you may not have thought about that can offer a lot when it comes to not only salary, but training, wellbeing and job satisfaction too.


If there’s an industry which students are well versed in then it’s got to be tech, and it’s an industry which is constantly evolving. Whilst many degrees are available to help you get your foot in the tech door, it’s an industry where many are actually self-taught.

Job descriptions are now filled with requests for web developers, coders, and employees with Java knowledge amongst other skills. Many jobs in tech are for new start-up companies, where innovative ways of working and collaborative thinking are commonplace that challenge the usual 9-5, so if wellbeing at work is high on your priority list then a career in tech might be for you.


Sales can have a reputation for being a schmooze worthy career choice, but these days it’s less about cold calling and more about creating good client relationships, which in turn lead to sales. With almost 5,000 graduate sales jobs available in 2015, it’s an industry where graduates rule, and many entry positions in sales can help you to get your foot in the door at a variety of companies.

Some sales positions operate on commission, meaning you’ll have the chance to earn extra on top of your salary, which post-student life is always a bonus. You’ll also find sales is a rewarding career choice, with targets to meet, when you do accomplish your sales goal that rush will leave you feeling very positive indeed.


Dig out that hard hat and pull on your steel capped boots, because it’s time to get familiar with the construction world. After taking a big hit in the recession, the construction industry is finally back on its feet and experiencing a resurgence of vacancies. With graduate jobs and salaries on the rise, the building and property market is strong.

Naturally, prior experience is a must when it comes to construction, whether that’s through work or education is up to you. Many jobs in construction have incredible training programs, so your knowledge will always be up to date. It’s estimated that over 232,000 jobs will be created in construction in the next 5 years so you’ll be in good company if you join now.

Health and Social Care

If you want your job to be extremely rewarding then look no further than a career in health and social care. You’ll find no two day is the same in health care, so you’ll need a range of skills and the ability to think on your feet too. As you’ll be working with people amazing interpersonal skills are a must.

Whilst you can take university degrees and college courses in health and social care, many employers offer on the job training and provide you the opportunity to study whilst you work. This article explains all you need to know working in home care and how to get there, as there are many different routes you can take.


Accounting is an industry many associate with being boring, but in fact it’s one which can help you develop the skills to succeed in many industries outside of finance. There were around 3,000 entry level positions created in accounting in 2015, and with an average salary of over £30,000 it’s a career move which pays well.

If you’re confirmation accounting is for you, then the fact that PwC has been voted the best graduate employer for 12 years running by The Times should help to cement your career choice, with a range of graduate programs on offer. After all, the number 1 spot doesn’t lie when it comes to incredible employees.

The leap into the world of work is a scary one, but these job roles prove that what you did at university isn’t always dictated by your degree.


Photo Credit: UGA College of Ag & Environmental Sciences – OCCS via Compfight cc

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