Magic Body Fashion – Bikini Swimpad’s Review

Why not start June with a summer special. As the summer fast approaches and holiday plans to exotic, sun tainted locations become a reality, it’s time for the bikini’s to make a much awaited appearance.

Introducing MAGIC Bodyfashion’s Swim Push-Up’s – these ‘one size fits all’ Push-Up pads are perfect for adding some cleavage, whilst chilling poolside. They come in two colours, black and skin colour, and they can be sewn into anything – from evening wear to bikini’s.

So, what happened when I gave these little creative cushions a try?

On the cleavage front I have never been shy to flaunt when it comes to night’s out or holiday swim wear. I have naturally pretty big boobs, so I was slightly apprehensive to try these as I wasn’t sure I would notice too much of a difference or would get any benefit from them.

The pads are super easy to use. You peel off a plastic layer and then you can feel the stickiness. Consequently, they mould perfectly onto your boobs and stick well too. You notice this when taking them off, as it isn’t the easiest, which is a good sign.

Suffice to say, they worked for me. I wore them with my blue bikini and although it wasn’t as noticeable on me than as when my friend tried them, they definitely added that extra “push”, needed for WOW-ing! Myself and my flat gave them a try and did a little cat walk.

All happy with the power of the push-up!

Another aspect that I think is noteworthy is that they will not fall off during swimming – no need for awkward moments ladies! You can use MAGIC Bodyfashion’s Swimpad’s more than once, they are easy to clean with a mild soap and water and they are such a holiday essential for chilling poolside.

Retailing at £21.00 they are worth every penny to add comfort and confidence to your look. Additional products for purchase are the Bikini Push Up’s, similar to the water soft Push-Up Pads, designed in a triangle shape to mould perfectly to the swimwear.

You can find MAGIC Bodyfashion online here or on social media channels, Facebook and Instagram. Their range of body altering products are truly magical at enhancing parts of your body that you want to stand out – truly, it is MAGIC!

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