How To Make The Library More Bearable

It’s that time of year again. Our coursework deadlines are fast approaching, and exam revision is beginning to take over our lives and leave us drowned in work, stress and tears. How can we possibly make spending time in the library that slightly bit more bearable and motivating?

Library days can be long, draining and mentally straining – especially with our alcohol-infused student brains, complimented with the sun that is beginning to come out. What are the best ways to help us keep our heads down whilst dealing with the fact that we could be spending our time at the pub rather than the library? We asked a few students what their main focuses are in the library and collated a list for you±



Fuel yourself with coffee, water and energy drinks throughout the day, but be careful of your caffeine intake. This will help you keep focused and power through all your work and deadlines, and will especially help you if you’re slightly fragile that day… This will also help your body push through a whole day of mental strain, by keeping yourself hydrated. 



Create a playlist with music that will help you get in the right mind-set. Try some calming music that you can subconsciously listen to that will help you focus. Spotify have pre-created playlists that you can follow if you struggle to find the right type of music for you, or you could ask around and see if any friends have a playlist for this specific type of atmosphere.



The worst thing for you whilst stuck in a stuffy library is to be uncomfortable in your clothes. Keeping yourself relaxed whilst working is essential, and gives you one less thing to worry about. If you care about what you look like in the library, your priorities are wrong. Get yourself into some comfy trackies, with a hoodie and some trainers and get your head down.



The biggest challenge when trying to work… Not to get distracted. Students have mastered the art of procrastination. But don’t be them people in the library who are constantly chatting and distracting others. Go with people who are in the same mind-set as you, and ensure you’ll be able to work with them without causing a scene or sitting and doing nothing for a few hours.



Spending a full day in the library can be tough on your brain and draining for your body. Ensure you’re fuelling it with water, and all the necessary nutrients to help motivate you and push you through your day. Some healthy snacks such as fruit, veg and hummus, salads are all good for this setting. Take a look online and check out some quick and healthy snacks for students to get a few more ideas.



Be realistic. That’s the main target. Spend an equal amount of time on each piece of work you have to do to give yourself less stress about being further behind in one module. Don’t have too long study times and too long breaks. A few hours with a half an hour break is a good way of working and will allow you to get on a roll, before your brain explodes after too long. Try different timings and tactics to help find your best study targets, treats maybe?


After all, you need to try and adapt the mindset that although revision may not be forever, your grades are, and thats what determines your future.

However, first years? Smash that 40%

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