Making the most of Summer break

Breaking up from University can be both relieving and emotional. After hard exams and tedious amounts of coursework, summer break starts to sound more and more appealing. However it all comes down to how you choose to spend your holiday. Three months away from your University and your friends can seem a very long time, and a lot of you may wish to find summer jobs. But for students who don’t, the question of ‘what should I do today?‘ seems to crop up frequently.

The worse thing is being bored, and returning to your University having accomplished nothing and feeling as though the whole summer was a waste of your time. So you have to ask yourself what it is you’d like to achieve, or be able to say you’ve done. There are so many things that you probably haven’t even thought about trying, some things are obvious and some are less obvious, but who says you can’t try something new? Sometimes it’s the little things that are the most exciting. This summer why not make yourself much more productive:

Buy yourself a recipe book and work your way through it. You’ll learn lots about different foods and you’ll get to eat lots of delicious treats! It doesn’t have to be expensive either as some recipes are so simple they only include three ingredients.
Take photos, and I’m not talking about countless amounts of ‘selfies’, but real photographs of real things. Study the wildlife and the countryside whilst enjoying the summer sun and get in touch with your inner self.
Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be fitter. Well summer is your perfect opportunity, take up jogging or yoga. Not only will you feel great but you’ll be having fun at the same time.
Get engrossed in a good book and lose yourself in mystical lexical worlds.
Get interested in a sport and follow the games. Have a get together and watch with friends,(maybe present an assortment of your baked treats to eat during).
Be artistic and sit down with a pencil and some paper and do some drawing. Be creative.
Make your own clothes. Use your existing clothes as your templates and design and make your own items.
Go to museums. Make the most of what your home towns have to offer. You may learn incredible things that you could never have imagined. Remember not all museums are as boring as some people might assume.
Spend time with family. Family are so important and often are the only people you can truly have a real laugh with. So enjoy their company and take day trips with them.

The point is there are plenty of things to do to keep yourself entertained during the summer break. Be spontaneous and don’t hesitate to take up offers to do things. Be productive and turn your summer into three months of achievements.

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