Manchester United – The lost identity #

The last thing I like seeing in Football is managers losing their jobs. In the Premier League we have very much adopted a hire and fire culture and it is hard to watch many a talented manager slip through the nets of clubs due to a board with a trigger finger. In the case of Manchester United however I feel that Louis Van Gaal’s time is up.

The team are a shadow of their former selves and seemingly it looks as if the team and manager have run out of ideas. After spending over £300 million and having a squad that is struggling to make any impact at all in the Premier League questions certainly need to be asked of the club and where it is going. The team look tired, one dimensional and all at sea tactically. It is clear that they have been very unfortunate with injuries, but this cannot account for their lack of effort in matches and failing to play the ‘Manchester United way’.

Fast attacking football, quick passing, running your socks off and scoring goals, this is the United I grew up with and although loathed; I always respected their ability as a team, so dominant in throughout the Premier League era.

Thursday night’s Europa League match against local rivals Liverpool needed no motivation It was a huge game for both sides, players and fans alike. They never really got going in my opinion and looked lost most of the night. A penalty looked to ignite their evening and we thought we were all in for a night of drama when Anthony Martial slotted home on 32 minutes nut it wasn’t to be. Liverpool missed countless opportunities before their man of the season and Brilliant Brazilian Phillipe Coutinho took the game by the scruff of its neck and scored an excellent goal just shy of half time. That was the game there and then; tie over and Dortmund meet Liverpool in the Quarter finals.

The Future for Manchester United looks bleak, a loss of identity and a playing style as boring as Michael Owen tops off a very disappointing season and I feel a real need for change. They need that energy, enthusiasm and winning mentality that we saw with Sir Alex Ferguson’s former sides. They were unbeatable on their day. It will take time to rebuild Manchester United as a team but change I feel is very needed. The squad needs fresh ideas and new talent and on the basis of what I have seen so far this season Louis Van Gaal is not the man to take United forward.

Liverpool as a side are significantly better than United now. Surely from a Red Devil’s perspective this is unacceptable and needs addressing. Although as long as United are playing bad I am happy, I can’t stand them and they have the most horrible fans in the league. Them being poor is enjoyable for many and long may it continue.

Thank you for your time and have a great day.


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