MAOAM ‘Crazy Roxx’ Review

As a sweet obsessed individual, after receiving a press release regarding MAOAM’s new range I was super excited to get a try of the Crazy Roxx and this was also the perfect opportunity to write a review

MAOAM has unveiled a brand new
addition to its range of tasty chews with the launch of new Crazy Roxx. – And I promise, they really are addictive.

Rebecca was lovely enough to send me some free samples of the new range. After receiving them in a colourful box to compliment them, I couldn’t wait to dive in. With strawberry, blueberry, lime, lemon and orange to choose from – Id definitely say the blueberry will tickle your taste buds. 

 “A full on treat packed with bags of colour, Crazy Roxx combines MAOAM’s unique, soft texture and full on flavours with a quirky mix of individual shapes and sizes, meaning no two chews are the same.”

These are definitely up there with my favourite Maoam snacks, and it makes me excited to see what else they have for us. 
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