Men’s Winter Grooming Essentials

The beauty industry focuses most of it’s attention on woman but what about the men in our lives. Men like to look good as much as us woman do. There are many easy ways for men (and women) to look good, most of which are under appreciated. This post is dedicated to those of men who like to look good with minimal effort.


This is a life saver for both men and women alike. We’ve hopefully all heard by now that this stuff works miracles on any unwanted spots. Don’t get me wrong, the spot is still there in the morning but redness has almost cleared to nothing. It also helps to reduce the appearance of eczema, acne and burns.


E45 is a great solution for dry skin. It’s a heavy duty moisturiser and so best applied at night to allow your skin to feel moisturised and fresh in the morning. It works wonders on your hands, face, arms and various other parts of the body. The moisturiser is also odourless.



Lip balm

Many men tend to opt away from Lip balm, it’s seen as too feminine. However, no girl likes to kiss a guy with chapped lips! There are many lip balms out there that are colourless and odourless. A popular choice for men is PawPAw but personally, I recommend Bare Republic Mineral Lipbalm. It contains SPF 30, is water resistant for 80 minutes and is incredibly moisturising. Perfect for smooth kissable lips in all seasons.

Pearl Drop

Pearl Drop is becoming an iconic teeth whitening brand in it’s own right. Many studies about what we find attractive in each other show that good hygiene, smiles and teeth are all come up tops. Not only that, having whiter teeth is a huge confidence boost, you tend to smile more and your mouth just generally feels cleaner and nicer. Pearl Drop is a cheap alternate to dentist procedures, is safe, cheap and shows amazing results in no less than 10 days. You have nothing to lose!


If you like to look spick and span, you’ll probably already own a shaver. The Braun MultiGroomer is a new shaver that is quickly becoming a popular choice thanks to its three interchangeable heads. You can easily shave, style and trim all with the help of one device. Who needs a barber? It works on dry and wet hair do whether you like to shave in a morning, in an evening or in the shower, you can enjoy at your own leisure.


The Gillette Fusion Proshield is a great cheap alternative to an electric shaver such as the Braun. At only £8, the Proshield is still incredibly sharp with the added benefit of containing a moisturising strip to keep your skin looking ship shape.

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