miDrive – the free app helping you on the road to freedom

When you’re in the University bubble, transport is not a key concern. On campus you can walk to most of the places you need to get to, usually the halls of residence, lecture theatres and the student bar! If you do need to venture off campus, student fares make public transport seem… OK. Clubbing together for a taxi home after a night out is a necessary evil (providing everyone can agree which kebab house to stop at).

With lectures, reading, sports and parties filling up your timetable, learning to drive might be pushed to the bottom of the priority pile at University. But learning to drive now while you have some spare time (because, let’s face it, you do) could benefit you greatly when you stumble away, degree in one hand – CV in the other.

Thankfully, once again, technology is making this easier. Driverless cars may still be a long way off, but miDrive is a free app that helps learner drivers pass their test quicker, by providing them with a range of helpful information and features. With miDrive, learners can connect with more than 3000 of the best local driving instructors, tried and reviewed by the growing miDriver community, currently more than 30,000 strong.

And here’s the clincher, on average a miDriver saves £300 on the cost of passing the driving test!

The miDrive app is available to download for free on both iOS and Android. Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your phone, you can search for the best local driving instructor in your area, as reviewed by other miDrivers. Each instructor has a profile with a description of their services and pricing. Once you’ve found the perfect instructor you can connect with them and even pay them through the app. You can also coerce family members into sharing the cost of learning to drive by purchasing miDrive Vouchers on the website – these go straight into your miDrive wallet to pay for more lessons!

The miDrive app will help you create a personalised timeline so that you can aim to pass your test when you want to. As you progress through your personalised timeline, miDrive will send you helpful activities and information at exactly the right time to make the learning to drive experience as easy as possible.

Once you’ve told miDrive when you want to pass your driving test, your timeline of activities will help you focus on getting there. You can also keep track of exactly where you’ve been and what manoeuvres you’ve completed with the helpful GPS tracking feature.
Unless you really enjoy the bus and can’t wait to pay more for the privilege after University – get on the road to freedom with the help of miDrive! And did we mention it’s free?

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