Millennials and the ‘Hotel of Mum and Dad’

Living at home whilst being a young adult can be both a blessing and a curse. Sure, you may get nagged at by your parents for coming home from a night out in the early hours of the morning or for not washing the dishes, but the conveniences of paid-for central heating, food, and a safe place to park your car definitely outweigh the negatives. However, a survey of 600 young people carried out by Blinds Hut shows how 18-34yr olds who live at home may be avoiding learning valuable life skills by allowing their parents to carry their responsibilities instead. Take a look below to find out the most shocking statistics…

It may seem like the opening line to a bad joke, but the question ‘How many millennials does it take to change a lightbulb?’ can be answered simply by Blinds Hut. A quarter of young people do not know how to carry out this simple DIY task. Other simple tasks that millennials do not have to do whilst living at home include doing their own washing (64% have their parents do this for them) and doing their own ironing (51% have their parents doing this, too). Although this is super-convenient, you can’t really be bragging that your mum still washes your undies when you’re 24 years of age…

According to Blinds Hut, 60% of young people also do not know how to change a car tyre. If you’re in this percentage and own a car, we suggest you start learning this asap, otherwise you’ll be relying on breakdown services or mum and dad’s emergency services to come and rescue you for the most simple of dilemmas. Additionally, 61% of those who still live at home have their parents making their evening meal for them. Cooking is one of the most self-sufficient skills you need to be learning whilst you’re young. If you’re not confident in the kitchen, there’s no shame in grabbing your mum for the afternoon and asking her to teach you some of her age-old recipes. After all, you can’t spend the rest of your life ordering Chinese takeaways every night just for the sake of convenience (we’d love to do this too, but we don’t think our bank accounts will stretch to it). 

The survey also found that at least 16% of millennials rely on their parents to act as their alarm clocks! Honestly, if you can’t wake up using an actual alarm by adulthood, we reckon you’ll struggle waking up on time for work when you actually do move out. Ween yourself off this habit; it’s not great for later life and it’s not fair on your parents having to remember to fit you into their morning schedule too. 

Now, we know it’s all well and good to divulge shocking statistics about millennials and their lack of skill-learning whilst at home, but perhaps the most worrying part of this survey is that 51% of young people don’t even pay rent for the convenience of home living. When you compare this to the fact that outside of London, young people living alone would be paying on average £758 per month for private dwelling, it seems rather unjust that parents are having to accommodate the rising price of living alongside their adult sons and daughters too.

So, our message to you is to lend a hand more if you’re an adult living back at home, especially if you don’t have to pay any rent. Doing simple household tasks not only helps your parents and shows your gratitude for all the financial help and stability that they give you, but it also enables you to become more self-reliant for when you actually do fly the nest. 


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