Monday 26th August – Women’s Equality Day

ID-10033355Women have come a very long way since this day in 1920, when votes for women officially became part of the American constitution. The world has seen some fantastic female role models ever since this date, from leaders and CEOs, to activists and volunteers. Here’s a list of my Top 5 female fighters.

1. Queen Elizabeth II – I personally find it incredible how a young woman who suddenly had to take the throne at just age 25, has ruled the country for over 60 years. Every day she attends ceremonies, receptions and visits all over the country, alongside receiving plenty of official documents and reading letters from the public, rarely taking a day off, and at 86 years old that is a considerable achievement.

2. Marie Curie – The first woman to receive a Nobel Prize, Marie Curie discovered Radium alongside her husband, and later died from Leukaemia which is believed to have been caused as a result of her experiments which exposed her to radiation. She has paved the way for women in science, and shown us to not allow gender-specific stereotypes to limit our intelligence.

3. Jessica Ennis-Hill – Inspiring girls nationwide, this record-breaking, gold medal-winning heptathlete has shown the world just what women are capable of when they put their mind to it.

4. Malala Yousafzai – a 16-year-old girl, shot a year ago by the Taliban for wanting to go to school, Malala continues to campaign for children’s and women’s right to go to school. She recently gave a speech at the UN, about the struggles to achieve peace, education and equality.

5. Michelle Obama – Ranking at #4 on Forbes 100 most powerful women, although she may only be famous as a result of her marriage, Michelle actively uses the platform she has been given to fight against childhood obesity and promoting healthy lifestyles. Michelle is a fantastic example of a woman who is not overshadowed by her man. A recent poll even suggests she is more popular than her husband, with 67% of Americans viewing her in a positive light.


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