A Money-Saving Summer for Students

So, the clocks have gone forward and the days are finally getting longer. Dissertations and portfolio deadlines are looming but the end is in sight. It’s getting close to Summer. 

If you’re like me and desperate for the next student loan to drop, but still want to begin making plans for the summer months to look forward to – then, this article is for you. Here are my top 2 suggestions for an insane, cost-effective summer. 

For some students, it may be the last summer of student living or the last few months of pleasure of being unemployed before entering the world of work. The idea of job searching and thinking about the future may be daunting prospect to some. However, if you have an amazing, fulfilling summer then this may not seem as such a looming change – you would have enjoyed every second before continuing onto the next big chapter in your life (and, you will have hopefully saved some pennies along the way!)


  • Work Abroad 

Work Away is a fantastic scheme to promote fair exchange, volunteering and work opportunities for wanderlusts, budget travellers, language learners and culture seekers. You can stay with families, individuals or organisations around the world that are looking for help or assistance on a wide range of diverse and interesting activities. Whether you’re interested in helping an independent business with its marketing and PR, or fancy to learning about a local community and lifestyle for the summer – there really is something for everyone. The deal is that you volunteer for a few hours per day in exchange for food and accommodation. This allows travellers of low budgets to be able to carry on their adventures. 


  • One Tribe Festival

Of course a festival abroad is an incredible experience – however, the UK has some great, affordable ones as well. You get the best of both in terms of experience and budget, without having to pay any extra costs for flights etc. The cheapest and most appealing festival I have found is: One Tribe Festival in Cheshire. Described as an ‘immersive cocoon of energy’, One Tribe Festival is a 5-dayer for £95, plus 24 hour music. It offers a fusion of arts, music and culture, all radiating outward of the stunning backdrop of the Cholmondeley Castle Estate in Cheshire. If it couldn’t get anymore appealing in terms of offering, duration and budget – it is also an independent, non-profit, non-corporation organism that funds the work of The Green Paw Project with its profits – a charity that sustains efforts to save and improve the lives of helpless vulnerable animals in third world countries.


So begin planning now to ensure the best summer yet!


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