More focus for studying: use essential oils to help

Do you know you can enhance performance in your everyday life: at home, school, college, and even work by using essential oils to help? These kinds of therapeutic oils can help to improve focus for studying, boost concentration, and increase mental clarity if you understand how and why you should use them effectively.

Experts have proved the efficiency of these aromatherapy oils for increasing your cognitive skills and memory potentials.  In fact, while preparing for tests and exams, teachers and students in ancient Greece would place rosemary or other plants on the entrances of their classrooms to enjoy their fresh herbaceous fragrances.  

Take a look below, where you will find some of the most important oils and reasons why you should use them, including how to apply them for optimal results.

Grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil is used for improving your focus and clearing your mind. Citrus oils such as this are renowned for lowering stress and enhancing your mood.  It has a soothing sensation that calms your wandering thoughts, enabling you to concentrate and focus properly.

Moreover, if you have ADHD, grapefruit oil can help to normalize the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain. Therefore, depressive or anxious moments may be less intense.

You can apply it by putting some drops into your room spray or air freshener. After it’s diffused, you can enjoy an invigorating atmosphere in your home. 

Eucalyptus essential oil

Are you worried, confused, or unable to concentrate on your studies and other projects you may have? Then, you may need eucalyptus essential oil, as it’s proven to de-clutter your mind, revitalize the senses, improve mental clarity, enhance better focus, and boost your cognitive performance. 

Other health challenges you can manage with the help of eucalyptus oil include headaches, runny/stuffy nostrils, and boosting your immunity to eliminate viral infections.

Apply two to three drops on your forehead if you have migraine before your classes, exams, or other important tasks you want to accomplish. However, it is better to combine one teaspoon of coconut oil to some drops of eucalyptus oil.

Frankincense oil

Stimulate your nervous system by using frankincense essential oil. During this process, signals are sent to the limbic system of the brain, calming your mind, and enabling the body to alleviate pains, fight cancer, reduce inflammations, and relieve anxiety and stress.

Experts have proved that it can aid your ability in minimizing distractions while improving concentrations, mental clarity, and proper focus.   

For a good night sleep and proper relaxation in the night, simply add some drops to your bathwater. Additionally, you can breathe in the aroma directly from the bottle or put some drops onto your handkerchief or tissue for inhaling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Ylang Ylang essential oil

Cananga odorata with curly flowers is the plant that this wonderful oil is made from. It originated from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Ylang Ylang essential oil can relieve tension, helps you to sleep well, and calms anxiety as well. 

You can also use it to improve your mood and cognitive skills. Moreover, blending with other essential oils such as lemon essential oil, coconut oil, and other citrus essential oils will help you to increase your grades significantly.

Apply on your neck, ears, or on your shoulders.  

Rosemary essential oil

Do you want to improve your memory for your studies? Rosemary oil is ideal for this situation. Inhaling the stimulating fragrance of rosemary will help you to achieve this result. Researchers have expressed that rosemary oil contains powerful elements that can influence your mind and mental state positively.

How to expertly use essential oils



One of the most effective ways of using essential oils is diffusing with a diffuser. It is an electronic device capable of circulating a steam of essential oils in the air around you within few seconds.

Simply, put some drops of desired essential oils into your diffuser and begin to disperse the vapor in your room before studying, and you could be amazed how you will assimilate and memorize facts.


Another reliable method for using essential oils is by breathing them in. This means you can simply inhale the aroma from your oils for a better focus, concentration, and assimilation of facts during studies and other essential duties.

Open the bottle of oil and sniff in by taking a deep breath as you inhale your aromatherapy product for good cognition.  You can also put some drops of oil on a handkerchief or tissue paper and inhale. You can practice this method anytime even in the classroom or office and enjoy the essence of natural oils on your body, mind, and memory.  

Applying topically

Applying essential oils topically is a good way to enjoy the benefits of these oils because they can be absorbed easily into the skin. Massage onto your temples, ears, wrists, and even feet for proper absorption into the body. Experts recommend mixing carrier oils with your essential oils and ensuring they are properly diluted before applying on the skin to avoid irritations.

Some good examples of carrier oils you may need to blend with your essential oils before application are apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and sweet almond oil.

Steam inhalation

Enjoy the aroma and potency of essential oils in helping you to concentrate and focus well during studies by practicing steam inhalation. Pour two or three cups of hot water and into a bowl and add some drops of oil, at least, three drops. Stand or sit with your face over the bowl of water at about twelve inches away.

Then, cover your head and face with a towel or other thick fabric and slowly inhale the warm vapor for some minutes. However, if you notice any irritation on your skin, it is advisable to discontinue immediately.  

Adding into your bathwater

Adding essential oils to your bathwater can help you to be more focused during your study hours. However, experts advised that it is much better to combine Epsom salts with the oils. With this substance, your oils will dissolve quickly and cause you to enjoy the full benefits of essential oils.

Remember, you should not use any other soap while bathing so as to enhance the effects of the solution.



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