More means less: things to avoid in order to enhance study results

During our study years, we are taught to believe that working and studying hard is the way to achieve success. However, as you start looking around, you start to see that that is not always the case. You wonder what could be the secret of other students who don’t spend as half as you on their studies but have better results than you have. You realize that working more is not always the only way to success.  Sometimes, more means less. Here are some of the things you should stop doing in order to become more productive and have better study results.

Stop overworking and increase your productivity instead

There is a clear difference between being productive and being busy. If you are busy, it doesn’t mean that you are also productive. You might have experienced it yourself. Studying for long hours, spending time in classes trying to remember as much as you can, giving up all recreation and fun in order to succeed. Yet, your peers who studied less got better scores. You might say that everything is about time management, but it is more about managing your energy. It is learning how to spend the least amount of energy to accomplish everything that you need.

When you study long hours, your concentration and energy levels drop. Consequently, the more you study, the less productive and effective you are going to be as it is shown in the 1980 report from The Business Roundtable. Pulling all-nighters, which students usually do before exams, is the main cause of lack of productivity. In conclusion, studying smart, not hard, is the key to successful studies.

Stop doing everything yourself

It can be a great satisfaction to know that you managed everything on your own, but it could lead to burnout. At one point, you won’t be able to handle it on your own anymore and you will fail. It is important to remember that we can ask for help when we need it. Sometimes, it is the lack of motivation that holds us back. Just having some friends around can help you become more productive. It is helpful to find someone to study with you. You can discuss the materials, write things down and act like professors. You will benefit from each other because each of you has strengths in different things.

In addition, if you share information, it is more likely that you will remember it. You learn better when you are involved. As Benjamin Franklin said: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”. Furthermore, thanks to today’s technology, you can also find help on the Internet. Don’t hesitate to use different sites for studying, where you can find, among other useful tips, organized and comprehensive WACE notes that are easy to use. These notes are provided by students like you, and they are an effective method to achieve great results.

Stop being available all the time

Are you one of those people who simply cannot say “no“? It’s time to change the way you respond when someone asks you to do something. It turns out that the most successful people are those who almost always say “no“ to others. This is based on the scientifically-based Pareto Principle which says that 20 percent of work produces 80 percent of the result. When you say “yes” to everything, 20 percent of your results consume 80 percent of your efforts. You should always choose to do what matters to you.

Stop procrastinating and getting distracted

We all know that time is a precious but limited commodity. Procrastination is the number one enemy of students and their productivity because of all of the distractions available today that are only one click away. Chatting to friends, social media, checking emails or watching cat videos are all time-consuming. We waste our time on these meaningless activities and then we do last minute cramming. You get anxious and it is harder to focus when you are stressed out.

As a result, you retain less information. To get the best results, you should try to find a time of the day for your study time and divide your study material into smaller sections which you will revise several times over a longer period. That way, you won’t feel the pressure to achieve the impossible and learn everything in one night.

It is also important to remember, besides the tips already mentioned, that becoming productive requires a lot of effort and practice. It doesn’t happen overnight and you have to work on yourself and learn how to use your energy in the best way.

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