Most important Instagram updates of 2018 for brand advertisers


Instagram has been the number one picture sharing social media platform for millions of people worldwide. But now it’s becoming the favorite for brands that are looking to advertise their products or services to a wider audience. Looking forward to 2019, many brands and businesses are looking to invest in the idea of marketing and advertising through Instagram.

Due to the popularity of e-commerce because of latest technologies that are merged with it, many tech giants like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are highly invested into it. Instagram with its billion users is now interacting with and building up relations with the brands more effectively by introducing new ways to make their business experience better. There are few important updates that are we going to discuss in this article.

The first update arrived in Instagram is the IGTV through which the users can create long videos and share them. This can help users if they want to share a message via a longer, more in depth narrative. This update’s progress is still slow. Many users are still not into the fact that they should give IGTV a try instead of YouTube, which has been the best video sharing platform. This update allows advertisers to upload videos of any length, but it’s best for everyone if they stick to short effective videos.

Another update in Instagram is the introduction of ads in the stories. The stories feature is undoubtedly very popular at the minute. So popular in fact, that advertisers are taking the opportunity to use this as an advantage. Another great update is the shopping tag. This update allows the users to view the product and buy it within the same app instantly. This feature allows the advertisers to advertise their products more effectively, and hence increase sales.

Along with this, another update that makes other features more effective and attractive is the engagement tools. These engagement tools allow the users to add emojis, sliders, stickers and filters to make their stories more attractive for followers on Instagram. To enhance engagement buy real Instagram followers from instaboostgram, buzziod, idigic, smmkart or any trusted vendor. Through these engagement tools the users can add feedback for their followers or customers that what do they think about a certain story. This feature is also used by the advertisers to make their advertisement more attractive so that the ads catch the attention of users within a short amount of time.

Another great update is that the process of verification in Instagram is made easy. If the user has the required number of followers and the profile is credible according to Instagram’s policies, then users can be made verified with the blue tick to boost their profile. This helps to differentiate from the fake accounts. Users can also add hash-tags to their profile by showing that they support a brand or a certain type of movement. Through these hash-tags brands can view the posts that are being made by the advertisers.

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