Point A to Point B – Moving Day for Students

As exciting and life changing as it can be to move half way across the country/world to study in a new city, there’s nothing fun about hauling your stuff via train/your mate’s car/a lucky thumbs up on a road side. We’ve set aside a few tips to help your new adventure be that little bit easier.


Taking every single thing you’ve ever owned since you were 10 might seem like it’s going to make your new digs homely, but not only does it add additional stress for you getting there, it also makes life a lot harder when you inevitably have to bring it all back. Taking the essentials and a few home comforts means if you need to move house, head home or disappear for whatever reasons, you’re not relying on a removal company. Only take what you really need.


Fresh out of college, not everyone has their driving licence yet. If you don’t have your own transport, finding out what friends/family/acquaintances have a sizeable vehicle and happen to be in the mood to help you out in advance can save hours of time and effort, and also hundreds of pounds in moving fees.


Rather than taking thirty cardboard boxes of un-organised items up what feels like endless flights of stairs, try keeping your containers to a minimum. (See step 1). Companies like Alison Handling sell durable, conveniently sized containers that are perfect for filling with belongings, hauling up staircases and enduring long distances. It also means you can store them under beds/in wardrobes to save unpacking, or just so they’re ready for the next time you need them.


If there’s a way to meet your roommates before you finally move in, do it. You never know if someone close to home is also moving up on the same day, again saving travel issues. It also helps to know whose going and what’s going with them to save everyone bringing duplicate items for the communal areas.


Make sure absolutely everything is done BEFORE moving day. Things like toothbrush, your clothes for the day and a phone charger should be the only thing left to the last minute. Not only does packing well in advance free up your morning, it also takes the stress out of an already incredibly stressful morning.

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