Need for Speed (Xbox One) Review

“Need for Speed (2015) is an open world racing video game developed by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts, released for Playstation 4 and Xbox One in November 2015… It is the twenty-second installment in the long-running Need for Speed series, and was a full reboot of the franchise…” 

– Wikipedia Definition 

This review today will be based on the Xbox One edition of the game.

I’ll start this by saying I’ve been part of the ‘Need for Speed’ fanbase for a considerable amount of time. For as long as I’ve had an Xbox 360, and then later an Xbox One, I’ve forever been buying ‘Need for Speed’ games. It started off with ‘Undercover’ then ‘Hot Pursuit’, ‘The Run’, ‘Most Wanted’, ‘ Rivals’ and finally where we are today. I spent hours playing these games. The blood, sweat and tears that I put into these games are unbelievable. I always completed the games to 100% and for the most part, tried to get 100% of achievements – however, I didn’t always achieve this. 

As of now it’s ‘Need for Speed’ (2015). I remember first seeing the trailer for these game when it was announced at E3. As soon as I saw it, I was buzzing. The graphics looked insane, the customisation looked outstanding and completely unique and the whole reboot looked out of this world. Two weeks ago, I purchased the game and began playing. Normally I’d play 24/7 and complete the game within a couple of days but, I’ve had to work it around university so only ended up completing it last night. When I say ‘complete’, I’ve completed the main campaign and still have various side missions and collectables to go through, however, that will come in time. 

Following the description of Wikipedia, I’ll add on the plot outline:

“The story revolves around the player and a small ragtag group of racers waiting to be noticed by any of the game’s five icons, all of them being real-world motorsport and street racing figures. Spike (Adam Long) wants to impress Magnus Walker, Amy (Faye Marsay) wants to impress Akira Nakai, Robyn (Christina Wolfe) wants to impress Risky Devil, Manu (Howard Charles) wants to impress Ken Block, and Travis (Leo Gregory) wants to impress Shinichi Morohoshi…” 

The description continues onwards to give more about the context about the player in the game etc. On top of that description within the game each character represents a different area of driving. You have areas like ‘speed’, ‘build’, ‘drift’ and more. During the game depending on how you drive you’ll be linked to the driver you have most in common with, mine was Magnus Walker / Spike on Speed – which I did understand because I kept upgrading the first car I purchased to keep pushing it’s top speed. However, I was more of a drift freak because I never stopped drifting where I meant, unfortunately, I wasn’t linked to Manu. Being able to race alongside Ken Block was fantastic and thrilling, beating him was even better.

The mixture of real world footage mixed with high end HD graphics was completely amazing. However, crash graphics could still be better. I’ve always believed that GRID for the Xbox 360 had the best crash graphics and technology of all, something I’ve always believed they should sell onto other games – in this case, Need for Speed could have benefitted in that area for ultimate realism. The driving experience took a little while to get used to but I soon picked up on it and before I knew it I was learning the streets, achieving the 0-60mph multiplyer constantly and drifting here, there and everywhere. There is an extreme amount of content to this game and still a lot more I have to explore. I’d say everything is pretty standard for a racing game however, NFS went above and beyond in every area. My all time favourite area, of any racing game, is customisation. The customisation allows you to chose a ready made bodykit which kits out the car for you or allows you to edit every aspect of the car for yourself, ride height, wings, spoilers, bonnet, wheels and more. As well as every aspect of the engine, wheels, breaks and more. I’ve had fun customising all my cars to their max. 

All I’d say is, go and buy the game and hit the streets because it’s an amazing game through and through and there is very little I can find wrong with it. I’ve always loved racing games and the NFS series so playing this reboot has made me realise how well they’ve done. 

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