New Year (high) resolutions? Earn cash selling your videos online

Welcome to January, the month many of us kick off with resolutions of the ‘must do better …’ kind. According to Statista, saving money / spending less sits 4th in the top 10 new year resolutions for 2019, whilst variations on a theme of saving money, spending less and earning more feature throughout the many resolutions and intentions posts trending across the blog-sphere, including here at Student Wire [anchor text for SW internal blog post link].

And if you’re a student you’ll certainly know why! After all, there’s nothing like almost a month of seasonal celebrating to empty a bank account and motivate a new year’s resolution of boosting income.

But guess what? If your phone was part of your partying, and you snapped footage, fun and unexpected action throughout last season’s festivities, then you could have a high chance of achieving a money-making resolution.

Making money with your mobile

Having a mobile means you can make some extra money quickly, easily and often with a great deal of fun, by filming and selling your videos. Because there’s a genuine market out there – for everything from newsworthy video and footage of extreme, unlikely and random events, to film which just captures the humour and quirks of life and nature.

Why put videos online?

When you consider that YouTube has over a billion users who watched more than 500 million hours of video in 2018, and that a massive 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter, it’s easy to see how social media is a ready platform for sharing your videos.

But whilst sharing for free can be fun, sometimes the footage has viral earning potential which is just too good an opportunity to pass up, if only you knew how to get it out there in ways which could pay.

Footage = funds

Which is where platforms like Newsflare come in. Newsflare works by pitching videos directly to the production companies who have those waiting audiences. No need to hunt down eyeballs and earnings for yourself, instead just open a free-to-register account, upload your videos and wait for a chance to earn funds from your footage. There’s even a Newsflare mobile app, so that being on the go doesn’t prevent you from being able to quickly upload your videos.

Funds from festivities

We’ve just come through a very busy party season and the chances are your phone’s already the source of some classic or unexpected moments which could capture the nation’s interest – either now or later – because it’s surprising how popular these items can be all year round.

Creating a library of your videos with Newsflare means that your video is always going to be available to be pitched on your behalf, at any time of year. Plus, you can update your library anytime with additional videos you capture as the year moves on.

Student success

After all, one of the (many) great things about being a student is that your mobile is your social and communication lifeline, so it’s with you all the time. When you’re not buried in books and studies, the chances are you’re out and about to classes, busy socialising and travelling around so you have plenty of chance to capture clips which could earn you cash.

All of which has much more possible social and earning potential than spending an evening indoors completing online surveys for pennies – something many bloggers advocate as a way to boost the bank account. Of course there’s nothing wrong with doing that, but the chances are you’re already spending lots of time in front of the computer screen for your studies. So how about getting out and about and being behind the camera for your extra cash instead, especially as you can take advantage of being able to upload from your mobile rather than being tied to a desktop?

Fast track to YouTube success?

But why not just pop your videos onto YouTube yourself, and wait for some easy money to come rolling in?

Unfortunately, this is the real world and you’re already juggling your studies, social life and maybe even working. So although you may have the skills to get your video uploaded to YouTube, you may not have the time.

What’s more, YouTube may not be the best place to start if you’d like to earn money from your videos. With YouTube, you have to build up around $100 in earnings before you can access any money your video makes, but signing up to Newsflare’s YouTube Partner Program means Newsflare can do the work for you, with the bonus of forwarding your funds from the very first £10, so there’s no waiting to cash out.

Earning whilst learning

Using online platforms like Newsflare is fast becoming a fun way to earn cash for many people who need to generate extra income – for example, parent bloggers are already advocating selling videos online as a way of boosting family funds (Skintdad). But here’s the heads up: it’s not all over the Student blog-sphere in the same way yet, although at this time of year when everyone’s short on cash, it’s certainly on its way.

So this January, you’ve an excellent chance to get ahead of the game and start earning whilst you’re learning. Just take moment to check back through your festive footage with Newsflare in mind.

And if you don’t think you have anything suitable yet? That’s fine, because footage with earning potential isn’t just from Christmas, it’s from everyday life too. Check out Newsflare’s briefs and inspiration info, to find out what types of video are currently in demand, then keep your phone out and your eyes open for opportunities. Seriously, within a few months you could be well on your way to keeping your new year’s resolution for earning extra cash, simply by selling your videos online.

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