No self-control? There’s an App for that.

Self Control - alexmillosIt’s that dreaded time of year for most of us students who have to cope with the stress of exams and assignment deadlines.

If you are anything like me, with no self-control when it comes to staying focused on revision and completing assignments, then you end up spending hours going through your Facebook newsfeed and looking at the latest viral videos on YouTube. It always starts out the same way – you promise you will only take a fifteen minute break to click through the latest facebook posts, when you find a YouTube video your friend posted that you just have to watch. Then before you know it 3 hours have gone by and you have only written 150 words of your 2000 word assignment due next week.

If the above sounds anything like you, I have found the perfect solution for you. Ironically enough, as I was procrastinating like a pro last week going through many hilarious posts on buzzfeed, my latest time-wasting obsession, I came across ’17 Unexpected Studying Hacks’ where I found one of the best and most useful tips for staying focused. ‘Self control’ is an app for your Mac (or ‘Cold Turkey’ if you have a PC) that lets you block any distracting websites from your computer for a set period of time.

It sounds like a gimmick because you can just as easily go on Facebook from your phone, but trust me it really works. After blocking some of my favourite sites such as YouTube, Perez Hilton and buzzfeed for 12 hours, I managed to finish writing 3 rationales for my portfolio which is due next week. Welcome to 2013, where if you have no ‘self control’, there is an app for that! Happy revision.



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