The Number One Sound Experience-Brainwavz earphones

Brainwavz S0 IEM Noise Isolating Earphones

Brainwavz have created the ultimate noise isolating earphones that are perfect for every student, and they do not disappoint.


The earphones come packaged in a small but sturdy zip carry case, which also includes an instruction manual and handy fitting guide for all five varieties of silicone ear tips. This means there’s a style of earbud to fit each individual person; and plenty more for if you ever lose a set!

The audio quality of these earphones is superb. You definitely get a clear and crisp sound due to the noise isolating aspect of the earbuds and this didn’t compromise bass quality either! They isolate the music, and almost completely block out background noise, making them great to use on a noisy train or bus if you’re a student that commutes a lot. On the other hand, if you love to study and listen to music at the same time, then these are definitely the earphones for you. No outside distractions from your revision at all, just you, your music, and your books.

I love the fact that Brainwavz have made these earphones so durable. The metal housing around the ear buds means they’ll definitely be able to take a few knocks if you think you’re not to be trusted around pieces of delicate tech. The 24 month warranty is an added bonus to the package.

A personal favourite of the features is the anti-tangle cable. It’s so beneficial for busy students! We all know the annoyance of putting earphones in pockets or bags for a few minutes and when they emerge, they’re completely knotted up. There’s no danger of this happening with the Brainwavz earphones due to the flat black cable they use. 


Brainwavz earphones are available on both the Brainwavz website and Amazon and sell for a RRP of around £35 ($49.50). Definitely worth either saving up for or asking for them as a gift if you want an amazing sound experience!

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