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Basic RGBNUS, the national voice of students, are a confederation of 600 students unions and an organisation that represents the interests of more than seven million of us across the UK. As part of their service, they exclusively offer students a card that comes fully-loaded with all sorts of discounts and offers. The card initially costs £12 but you quickly get that (and more) in return in the savings you make, making the card really handy if you are looking to make your money go just that little bit further.

The NUS Extra card has offers and discounts to appeal to everyone. Whether you have an interested in travel, clothes, entertainment, food or technology – there’s something that will tickle your fancy, and the card will even bring you discounts on the basics such as stationary and travel. Taking a quick and simple ‘test’ on the NUS website to see how much money I could save (that you can access here) left me surprised at the amount of money I could potentially save throughout the year a card is valid for.

As a student, and something I probably spend a little too much on is going out. Well fear not, NUS offer a variety of things that help justify our spending! With discounted tickets for various events through Ticketmaster and other discounts with companies such as Odeon, Madame Tussauds, Thorpe Park and Chelsea F.C amongst others, I could end up saving heaps. That isn’t it though. We all like an excuse to go shopping and NUS give us just that with 45 exclusive offers and discounts available with their card. Fancy a splurge on ASOS, Topman/Topshop, Office or New Look?  They have it covered. With discounts ranging from 10% to 25% off on various brands on the high street, we can all afford a new outfit every now and again.

Sound tempting? All you need to qualify for an NUS Extra card is to be a student. Simple!

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Ben Frith

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