Open mic madness at Student Hub

By now you probably think you’ve heard all you need to hear about last week’s Student Hub in The Light, Leeds. No need to worry – I can assure you that there is still plenty more for us to write about.

This article focuses on the amazing talent we came across at the open mic session on the Friday afternoon of the hub. At 1pm we transformed the courtyard into the most up and coming music venue around.

Jemima Hope Bryan kicked off the afternoon with her earthy vocals and guitar playing, giving us an individual rendition of Megan Trainor’s ‘All About that Bass’ and completely transforming the song for everyone listening. The crowd soon developed and 17-year-old Jemima was urged to play more. Jemima told Student Wire she’d been playing all her life and aims to do as many open mic’s as possible.

After Jemima’s show stopping performance 18-year-old University of Leeds student Sam blew us away and really got the crowd going. A talented guitar player, he also plays the drums and bass. Modest Sam revealed he plays a few gigs and occasional open mic’s in between studying English literature and language.

Shoppers wandering through The Light, Nando’s diners and Starbucks drinkers expressed how much they enjoyed the entertainment and were astounded by the talent of the vocalists.

Our final performers were duo Katie Heap and Tim Malkin. Katie’s incredible vocals grew the crowd to its biggest and wowed all around. The pair worked flawlessly together, which is unsurprising as the duo are members of a band called Kell Kell and often perform together at gigs.

Check out the performers twitters to keep up to date with their gigs and open mic’s 





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