Orange is the New Black


The Netflix exclusive comedy series has recently released its second series to the delight of the loyal fans of series 1. Orange is the New Black has recently won the best comedy series award at the Critics’ Choice Awards with two of its actors awarded best supporting role and best guest performer in a comedy series.

The smash hit show is based around the life of Piper Chapman- a young woman whose experimental years have come back to bite her. When she left college she shacked up with Alex Vause, her then girlfriend who was part of an international drunk ring. When the whole organisation came crashing down and after Alex had asked Piper to smuggle drug money through customs, she becomes an accomplice and gets thrown in Litchfield prison 10 years later, much to the dismay of her fiancé who had no idea.

Following Piper’s experience in prison and looking into the past of many of the other prisoners, Orange is the New Black is definitely one of a kind. It features tongue in cheek humour, cut throat tension and some racy sex scenes- not for the faint hearted. The range of characters is not only interesting but extremely creative. From Susanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ whose past shows her suffering with mental illness, but not yet why she is in prison to Sophia Bursett, a transgender woman who is in prison for credit card fraud and theft to make her the woman she is today. There really is no criminal that isn’t touched upon, making you feel for the characters and then revealing some of their crimes which you would have been quick to judge had you known before the producers let them grow on you.

After binge watching the whole of the second series in one week I can highly recommend it as a must watch. Thanks to Netflix, both series are there for your leisure, having released the entire second season on the same day setting them apart from any other platform which would make us painfully wait each week. The company have said that Netflix is all about viewing at your own convenience and that is why they have treated us ever so kindly to the entire series. Although now I have binge watched, I have to wait another year for the new series.

Maybe I’ll just watch the whole thing again… it’s definitely worth it and highly recommended for anyone who loves a bit of comedy, a lot of tension and the odd lesbian liaison.

Photo credit: Darla Krusee via Flickr

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