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3780195067_b718776a4e_o Jenna’s track – Bon Iver : Blood Bank (FlicFlac Edit)

This week is a track to help you wind down through the end of exams and get you through that hangover on a Saturday morning. It comes from Austrian house duo FlicFlac who have managed to gain a 84,000 strong following on Soundcloud. The mix of the emotional indie classic from the infamous Bon Iver pairs thought provoking lyrics with a steady slow beat that makes it one to definitely have on your chill out playlist (we all have one!). FlicFlac have been around for some years now, and their tracks are so varied that you will find a mix for every mood – deep house indie collaborations,  all the way to laid-back house that will transport you straight to the Balearics. Check them out on their soundcloud channel….thank me later!

Harry’s track – Here and Nowhere Else

The Ohio indie-rockers, Cloud Nothings, have just released their fourth album, ‘Here and Nowhere Else’. The eight track LP comes to a climactic end with the band’s most recent single, ‘I’m Not Part of Me’. The uplifting track is a prime example of perfectly sculpted guitar-pop. The chorus swings around again and again, with it’s catchy melody becoming more engraved in your brain on every return. Luckily enough for UK fans, the band are currently on tour this week. They’re playing Gold Sounds Festival in Leeds on May 26th before wrapping it up with a show at London’s Scala the following night. If you’re a fan of distorted guitars and fun, American, pop-songs, then you’d be a fool to miss it.

My track – This Is How We Do

This is how we do, do-do-do. After seeing Katy Perry at the Phones 4u Arena on Tuesday it’s no surprise that my track of the week is one from her latest album, Prism. This is how we do is such a classic catchy pop song but I love it. She is possibly one of the biggest names in music at the minute and has recently embarked on her second world tour which is set to last the whole of 2014. This is how we do is the perfect song to blast out of your car when the sun is shining and you’ve got your sunnies on.

Photo Credit: Anirudh Koul via Compfight cc

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