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Our latest idea is to start an ‘of the week’ column, covering something topical on a weekly basis. Whether it’s music, fashion, film, or something else entirely we will start to cover it once a week. We’re kicking things off with our writers’ top tracks of the week.

They will pick tracks from all sorts of genres to provide you with your weekend soundtrack. Starting this week is Jenna Clarke and Harry Tidswell, two of our newest writers with songs from two completely different genres.

Jenna’s track:

So my first track of the week comes from Brooklyn based duo ‘The Golden Pony’. I’ve been following these guys on Soundcloud for a while now, and their disco remixes of classic hip-hop and new age indie are so endorphin releasing that they became a firm favourite. Their sound isn’t really like anything I’ve heard before which makes them utterly unique.

The track I’ve picked is called ‘Forgot About Dre’ and is a disco vibed remix of the infamous Dr Dre original. With motivating and ego boosting vocals, this mix will literally have you bouncing down the street on a sunny day or give you that energy you need to finish that last 500 words of your assignment. I’m sure it won’t be too long until this track and other Golden Pony remixes become recognised by club DJ’s around the country and you’ll hear them at some of the cooler places around town. If you’re looking for your new favourite summer jam or even just a new track to blast your revision to, check out The Golden Pony on their Soundcloud channel .

Harry’s track:

F****d Up have just released a brand new music video for the song ‘Sun Glass’, in anticipation for their upcoming UK tour and fourth album ‘Glass Boys’. The track opens softly before descending into an energetic mass of barking vocals and furiously paced guitars.

The Canadian hardcore punk-rock outfit, however, are unlike many of their counterparts whom share the same genre. Their songs remain drenched in all the spirit of a Californian summer, injecting an unmistakeable (and much needed) amount of fun into a field of music that often revolves around anger.

All of the band’s playful vitality is reflected perfectly in the first half of the song’s video, which depicts an afternoon that’s scattered with bike rides, daisy chains, bubble-gum and skateboards. As you can probably imagine, the youthful innocence doesn’t last long. The latter half of the video documents a live performance that contains all the crazy, drug-smoking, nakedness that you might come to expect from a band with such a vulgar name. Are they “F****d Up”? Oh god, yes. Does that make them one of the most exciting live bands in the world today? You’re damn right it does.

My track:

My track of the week is a little bit more mainstream, as you’ve probably heard it on the radio already. It’s such a feel good song though, I’m really hoping it doesn’t get overplayed. This track is called ‘Touch’ by Shift K3y.

He’s a British producer and DJ from London, who had huge success with ‘Touch’ when it reached number 3 in the UK charts. The track is sure to be heard throughout the summer across the music scene. The video is so simple, featuring Shift K3y and another woman in a kaleidoscope effect. The addition of the bright flashing colours really suits the feel of the song. This track would work at pre-drinks but also works as part of a chill playlist, so give it a listen.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc

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