The Perfect Lighting For The Perfect Uni Room


We know that lighting can make a world of difference to a room. And we all know roughly what to look for when hunting out the perfect light. Brightness? Colour? Size? But what about for those of us who are more fashion conscious and want to make more of a statement? A light can do so much more than brighten up a room, it can change it from a room to a home and look great whilst doing so. Here are some things that we look for that can make the world of difference to a room;


Lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, we know that. But with the high number of companies reaching out to different audiences, there are now so many on the market and we can afford to be picky. There is guaranteed to be a light to match your style, whether that’s gothic, Indie, Eccentric, Monotone or Minimalistic. If you’re after something bit different then why not check out this Thomas Eddison Steampunk Lamp that’s made its way into my collection. With its eccentric, indie vibes, it’s even more impressive when it’s on and the individual filaments of the bulb make themselves present.


DSC01093Personalisation looks reat for any object, from cushions to mugs, so why not try it with your lighting? You can get some great lights now tha
t are letters to match your name or words to cheer up your mood. I wasn’t so sure about these at first, I thought they were a bit cheesy, but since receiving this one from Matalan, I now think they’re great. They’re surprisingly bright and instantly create a warmer atmosphere. If you find a word that holds some meaning to you then even better.



Try experimenting with shapes to see what sort of effect best suits your room and creates
the atmosphere that you want. Lamps with sharp edges will create a completely different feel to a room than something which is a lot softer and flows into its corners. One of my favourites lamps in terms of its shape is the Newcastle Arched Floor Lamp in copper. The curve of the lamp is subtle but still makes a statement, the copper outing is warm and cosy and the lamp is bright enough to light a room. Perfect.


Let us know your lighting tips and tricks in the comments or on our twitter page.

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