It’s 4am and you have just come back from a heavy night. All you want is a portion of chicken nuggets from Maccy D’s (with BBQ sauce obviously) and a huge tub of ice cream from the local Co-op. It’s so close yet so far, if only you could pay someone to just go grab it for you!

Well that’s where Pickle comes in.

Pickle connects those who dream and dare with those who can do, so if it’s the nuggets you are after or maybe something a little more sinister, Pickle can have it arranged.

We understand that you’ve just stepped away from your comfort zone and you are out in the big wide world for the first time. Occasionally, just occasionally you may need help with practical things, so if you need a lift back to campus after missing the last bus or a fellow student to help you with you economic notes you can just post a job on Pickle and just wait for the potential candidates to roll in and complete your tasks, all tasks, any tasks – anything you want or need can be done with a few clicks you even have the option of choosing your candidate and negotiating prices.

Most importantly for our precarious student accounts it’s free to download and there are no subscription charges, it’s only available on IOS at the moment but there has been talk of an Android release and Pickle does have an Android waiting list you can sign up to so you are one of the first people to get your fingers on the coveted Android edition.  

The app is straightforward and accessible and lives up to the motto Dream. Dare. Do.





Whether you want something doing or you want to dare someone to accept a fun and bold challenge, Pickle has you covered.

Pickle is more than just getting your jobs done, Pickle innovatively lets you be both the dream/dare creator and the dream/dare do’er.

You create your own world in every sense of the word, what you have here is a user community who are using the Pickle platform for everyday tasks like grabbing groceries but also, maybe even more importantly you have do’ers who are already popping into a convenience store on the way home grabbing their shop and accepting a job to collect your shop while they are there,(and making a nice tidy sum).

So what make Pickle different I hear you ask, it seems the biggest difference and the most important difference is that everyone can use the app.

A student, freelancer, mother, child you name it you can use the app, and you all have the option of using the app to make some money too so it is really give and take, almost like an in app ebay for services.

This new community is ingenious, the thinking behind give and take is so simple and yet you very rarely see it in action especially in the today’s world.

Pickle also adds another dimension for its users to experience which is the added fun of creating dares.

As a user you are encouraged to use the app for things beyond tasks, you have the option of posting dares along with the amount you are willing to pay to have these dares completed. For instance how much is it worth to see someone streaking down the quad, or to create a flash mob in the library? You are only limited by your imagination (and occasionally the law).

So go on and Dream Dare Do –  see how far your imagination can take you.

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Brittany Guymer

Editor of the Student Wire | Studying PR and Journalism at Leeds Beckett | Lover of good music and all things quirky | Easily bribed with mini eggs

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