Travel Destinations For A Student Budget

Although students have to learn to how budget quickly and sufficiently when flying the nest, if it is done right, at the end of the term you can celebrate getting through the semesters with a breakaway.

Here are three places I would recommend to students to consider for your stress-free and well deserved break:



This beautiful place is perfect for everyone. Whether you are a party animal looking for a quirky, different scene to go out or if you prefer to go sightseeing.

Budapest caters for all, and a tip I would recommend is to purchase a Hop on-Hop off ticket. This allows you to visit both Buda and Pest on a double decker bus. You can literally hop on and off at different stops throughout the bus journey and the busses run regularly, so if you see a restaurant that you fancy to have lunch at you can get off, eat and then go back to the bus stop where another bus will pick you up. A simple, easy and efficient way to see as much as possible.

Places to check out;

• Budapest Zoo
• Parliament
• Buda Castle
• Opera house
• Liberty Bridge

The architecture in Budapest is some of the most stunning views I have ever seen. The best view to see is on top of a hill, where you can see Buda and Pest being separated by a river.

The alcohol there is also very cheap, for a glass of wine over there, it was equivalent to one pound. Budapest just keeps on ticking all those boxes that are a students dream.

The currency is something you have to get your head around, so a handy tip is to write down what it is equivalent to, for example, I had a small notebook which had what £1 worked out as, then five, ten and so one.

The Hungarian Parliament Building taken from a river cruise. Take in the sight and enjoy the view.

The deal I got was £205 which included a four-star hotel, flights, and transfers to and from the airport with Travel Republic. The taxi men will also sell you the Hop on and off bus buses which are very helpful. However, you can also buy these online if you wanted to be prepared beforehand.



A must that should be on every student’s list has got to be Ibiza. This place can be done on a student budget, you just have to keep shopping around online on different websites. 

Some things to see and do in Ibiza would be:

  • Water sports
  • Snorkeling
  • Cafe Mambo
  • Sunset boat parties

Enjoying a day boat ride where you can relax on deck and go snorkeling is definitely on the list of things to do in Ibiza to soak up the sun.

A must do on an Ibiza holiday is going to a boat party, I personally enjoyed them so much I went on two out there. Both very different.. The first boat party included entry to Amnesia, the super club, which is helpful considering the entrance prices alone (not so much student budget friendly.) Although the second boat party made up for it with its unlimited free alcoholic drinks and time in the sea down the slides, channelling our inner child.

Ibiza is known for its beautiful sunsets, so if you’re sober enough, admire the view and take it in. Watch the sunset with a cocktail in your hand and relaxing on a beach, how can that get any better?


If you are after a solid city break then Amsterdam has got to be on the list, surely? This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but as far as city breaks go this is up with the best. Although it may be seen as cliché and too overrated, you should definitely consider it.

Amsterdam is iconically known for the red light district, but another thing that people should see is the Ann Frank museum. If you are a big fan of Fault in our Stars or not it should still be a place to go, and taking in some history can be an enjoyable experience.

Places to go and see:

  • Heineken factory
  • Vondel Park
  • Madame Tussauds

Visiting other cities and taking in their different cultures and traditions can be an eye opener. It is also good to experience new things and to see how different countries live.

There are a range places you could stay, all depending on your budget. A cheaper way to stay nearer to the city centre is through Air BnB. Hotels in the city centre double their prices, so I found by staying with a host through the website saved a lot of money. You can choose to have a whole house to yourself or to rent a room. I found there was not much in the price, especially if there is a group of you and it allows you to experience the city as you want.

By staying in the city centre, it also saved us money on transport as everything was in walking distance or you can even ride a bicycle and take in the scenery.


These are three out of many for students to experience on a budget. We’d love to hear if you have any other recommendations!! 

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    Hi Hayley,
    All three are the most scenic destinations in the UK. You endorsed my favorite place Amsterdam.
    Thanks for sharing this budget holiday tips for students.

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