Quirky Products that are a must for your student room.

So, you are about to move into halls of residents. Or maybe a student house. You’ve got socks, spoons, and all the boring items. And yes, you’ve remembered to pack your tooth brush.

But there is more to a room, and a house, than those boring essentials.

That is why we’ve collected a list of items that, although they’re not on your parents checklist, they are certainly a must have.

These are the products that will make your room stand out from the crowd, and make everyone else go “wow!”

Optical Illusion 3D Bulb Lamp:

Yes, this is a lamp, but it is no ordinary lamp. Stand back lava lamp, it is this Optical Illusion 3D Bulb Lamp that will wow the crowds. 

This LED lamp changes colour with a swipe of your finger, with seven colours to choose from, this strange optical illusion will light up your room and bring a little colour to your life. bulb

Starlite ‘Luna’ Colour Changing Inflatable Chair.

More often than not, space is limited in those student bedrooms so sometimes you have to choose between what items you NEED and what items you WANT. This makes the decision a little bit easier with the ‘Luna’ Colour Changing Inflatable Chair takes quirky seating that one step further and even doubles as a lamp!  Enjoy watching Netflix from the comfort of your glowing chair, or wow your guests by offering them in this illuminating seat. Sure, everyone has chairs, but this really does get those heads turning.

Gingko Cube Click Clock Aluminium / White Led.  

Ring! Ring! Time for your 9am lecture! What would rather disturb your sleep, a boring alarm clock? Or this chic Gingko Cube Click Clock? This clock is more than good looking, it is smart. With sound activation, the display appears to float on the surface of the MDF wood with brushed aluminium veneer finish. For those of us who want a little luxury in the morning.

LED Book Light

Now for something a little practical- but still ‘different’. University is the time for study, fun, and lots of readings- lots of reading! However, with your on-the-go-life you will find yourself lacking a bit of light from time to time. For those darker moments, this LED Book Light is perfect for the book worm in you. This LED light is perfect for reading on the go, with an adjustable angle, you can enjoy your book whatever the surroundings.

F.C. Barcelona Ultimate Football Stationary Set- School College Home

It’s time to do some work, but you haven’t got a pencil and paper! Oh wait, you have the F.C. Barcelona Football Stationary Set. Pheww! You’re prepared for everything, even colouring in your lecture notes with your 12 F.C Barcelona coloured pencils. Messi can have the pitch, you’ve got the paper! Alarm clock

Highbury- 4 Spinner Wheel Suitcase Trolley Case

And finally, where are you going to put it all when you go back home? This slick suitcase is large enough for all your worldly possessions, (well, most of them) and mobile and stable for any cross-country journey. Because you should always go for something that stands out from the crowd, even when you’re changing trains.

So there you have it, the essential items that every student room must have. From quirky to chic, the crème de le crème of items that will light up your little palace and show your flatmates who’s the boss of ‘wow’!


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Brittany Guymer

Editor of the Student Wire | Studying PR and Journalism at Leeds Beckett | Lover of good music and all things quirky | Easily bribed with mini eggs

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