Let’s save some money this Christmas

Save Some Money This Christmas


The holiday season means presents, lighting, decorations, food, drinks and partying. Every year we allow for huge budgets to spend on Christmas and why not? After all, it is the biggest festival of the year. Many people spend a full year clearing the old holiday debt and then getting into a new one. It is a never-ending cycle. With ever-increasing costs of items, the debt value also keeps increasing. As a result, we keep digging ourselves into deeper holes. But how about trimming budgets this year, and enjoying the festivities to their fullest?

Spending less does not always mean making sacrifices. There are smart ways to make the same purchases at lower costs. It is all about the mindset. People think that spending more means enjoying more. But that’s not the truth. Here are a few ways to avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

Budget it out

Creating a budget to spend on a holiday season is a very sensible decision. Keep a realistic budget. Something that would cover all costs and also ensures that you aren’t left out of pocket. If you feel that within the estimated plan, you are unable to buy gifts for everyone, look for making homemade gifts. There are many websites today that provide beautiful homemade gift ideas.

Shop online

Save Some Money This Christmas1

Online companies promote their sales during holiday season to offer sales and discounts. They usually have special discount weeks or days, so that people can shop as much as they want. But don’t go overboard. Look out for discounted items or deals on the products you want to buy.

Plan it early

It is always better to plan ahead. If you buy your gifts early, that is before the festive season begins, you wouldn’t have to spend on everything in one month. Buying gifts as and when you find throughout the year can help you save a lot of money.

Use discounts cards or points

Today in the UK, almost everyone owns a credit card. Credit card companies provide offers and discounts or points according to your spending. Use the discount coupons or points for making Christmas purchases. This way, you don’t spend the actual money.

Get ready for next Christmas

As bizarre it may sound, buying stuff this year for next year’s Christmas is a great way to save money. Every year after the holiday season, stores will have some items on clearance. You can actually buy things that you couldn’t buy due to financial problems this year for next year’s Christmas. It is always better to be prepared.

Organize a Potluck

Save Some Money This Christmas3

Christmas is a day when all the friends and family get together to celebrate the special day. When you have truckloads of cousins and their families, it takes a lot to impress everyone. You would have to spend an entire day in a grocery store to shop for food items and drinks. Then you need an entire day for cooking. Rather than going the traditional way, organize a potluck. Ask every family to cook and serve a dish. This way you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money and time on food preparations.

Make self-sacrifices

Every time you buy gifts for other people, you end up buying a few things for yourself as well. It is easy to get tempted when you go out shopping for others. But let others spoil you this season.

Save energy, save money

Use fewer power lights and strings to decorate your home. Make use of LED lights and replace the standard bulbs and lights. Alternatively, you could switch to British gas as your electricity supplier. British Gas offers plans that help you save a good amount on energy bills. By saving a little every month, you have enough to spend on your Christmas.

Remember one thing; it is easy to get caught up in the debt cycle every holiday season. Shopkeepers are always creating new ways for you to spend more. But if you are a smart shopper, you know when to draw a line. Be creative this year. Spend more time on creating memories, rather going overboard with money. Purchase only for the things you need and don’t wait for last minute purchases. Use these techniques this year and see the amount you save yourselves.

Happy Christmas!

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Sophia Jones

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