Revamp your playlist!

Are you bored with the same old songs? Do you need some new tunes for pre-drinks? Do you feel like you’re behind when it comes to the latest tracks? Here’s some ideas to give a new lease of life to your iTunes!


Utilise Soundcloud, Youtube & Spotify


If it’s new music you’re after, these three tools have the answer. If you’re into your house, garage and remixes – Soundcloud is your new best friend. This is a totally free tool that DJ’s from all over the world use to promote their music. Their homepage is full of brand new talent, pre-made playlists and you can follow all your Facebook friends to see what they’re listening to! Youtube has always been a favourite for music lovers, and with thousands of channels that give you access to brand new tracks and old favourites – it’s a go to website for pre-drinks music. Spotify is also amazing for discovering new music, it’s totally free if you can stand the annoying adverts between tracks, and has relativley new songs added each day. It downloads straight to your desktop and is great for picking playlists to suit your mood.


Get yourself out there!


You might not have the budget to go to allllllll the nights your city has to offer, but going to different genres of nightlife can really expand your music catalogue. Try to stay away from the mainstream nights that love to play cheesy pop and rnb, go for more niche nights that really showcase their DJs. Yes, Warehouse events can be expensive, but plan in advance and buy early-bird releases that are a fraction of the price on the door. If you’re really skint, try free events that present brand new DJ’s, such as Auxiliary Leeds which is free entry and has some amazing new talent every month. Try being spoteneous and buying tickets for a DJ or artist you’ve never heard of. Before you know it, you’ll be the first one to hear some of NEXT YEARS biggest tracks.


Your smartphone can be a gateway to great new music


Forget Insta, music apps are one of the best things you can have on your phone. From Shazam, that will name any song you hear in a club and add it to your list, to 8Tracks that generates random eight-track playlists based on your mood or genre preference. There are hundreds out there alongside the big players such as Spotify/Soundcloud app platforms. You can listen on the go, at the gym or just with your headphones in at home.


Don’t underestimate the radio


Radio stations, aside from your tacky local ones, loooooove to play brand new tracks. Radio 1 in the evening is especially good for indie/rock/house genres, where DJ’s such as Zane Lowe and Annie Mac will share their songs of the week, and brand new tracks that have never been heard before. Whack it on when you’re in the bath or when you’re doing an essay, and by the end you’ll have a brand new favourite track.

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