A Saturday night that’s easy as pie and cheap as chips

Sweet Potato Fries

It’s that time of the year – your student loan is running low while presentation deadlines and exam revision looms. So going on several nights out a week is increasingly seeming like a bad idea.

But fear not!

Having a few drinks and enjoying your favourite Five Guys-style burger or those heavenly cheesy chips can still be done all from your own home; without leaving your purse empty and without sending your ‘MyFitnessPal’ food diary into meltdown (well not completely).

Here are a few tips for having a savings savvy Saturday night in.

Possibilities for the feast are endless

Whether you’re a preacher of popular burger chains or always up for a ‘cheeky Nandos’, recreating that favourite feast in student digs can be easy. By simply buying a bag of sweet potatoes, cayenne pepper and paprika you have plentiful portions of those fancy fries that usually cost more than £3. Or grab those pizza dough mixes, some chopped tomatoes, lots of gooey mozzarella and any topping you like to make several pizzas for under a tenner instead of forking out the same cash for a simple Margherita at Pizza Express.

Round up your friends and hit the nearest supermarket

With any luck, you will have a friend who is the envy of the group because they own a Vauxhall Corsa and can pay for the parking at halls. If not, when your hands are full after your shop, you could order an Uber and usually a split fare between four is nothing. Splitting the shopping list between a group also saves time so you can all spend longer debating which £5 bottle of wine looks the least like vinegar.

Bang on the Spotify weekend playlist and get cooking

Once you’re home and you’ve worked out how to divvy up the receipt and Uber fare, it’s time to start cooking. A playlist is essential – so whether it’s a throwback to the Spice Girls or keeping it current with a bit of T Swift and JB, a kitchen karaoke session will help the food prep fly by.

Everybody loves a drunk chef

Just because it’s not a Saturday night spent out in the expensive bars, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Think up some creative cookery drinking games to pass the time while your pizza is baking and make sure no one’s glass of the £5 Sauvignon Blanc is ever empty.

Washing up? Leave it till the morning!

When all your friends have hit the hay, don’t worry about clearing up those vegetable peelings, dirty dishes and one too many bottles. Leave it until the morning – at least you can then use the clean up to procrastinate from that big essay due on Monday.

Photo credits: fabulousarizona.com


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Eva Mitchell

A PR student with an unhealthy obsession for red wine, pretty recipe books and soft furnishings

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