The Secret To Having More Energy

Combating tiredness is the ultimate goal for most uni students and working adults. There’s multiple ways to get over fatigue, and that doesn’t mean living off black coffee and sugary snacks.

Natural energy tablets
These aren’t the dodgy ‘study drugs’ that keep you awake for hours in order to finish that 3000 word essay in the next 12 hours, these are natural tablets which help provide an energy boost using natural ingredients. Try something like Red Kooga which provide energy from ginseng and guarana and won’t make you jittery or keep you awake for the next three days.

More sleep
Perhaps this is an obvious answer. But it’s surprising how many of us are guilty of procrastinating sleep. Give your body a bit of self loving and try and get an early night, even if it’s just once a week. Try to resist the mindless instagram scroll or that buzzfeed article that’s calling to you; your body will thank you.

Naps often get a bad reputation in the sleeping world – sometimes associated with being lazy or hungover. Yes, often a nap is great if you’re bored or suffering from minor alcohol poisoning, but they’re also a great way to refuel your body. Naps are sending a message loud and clear to your body that you need sleep, so let it happen naturally and embrace your naps without that niggling feeling of guilt.

Keeping your body active and moving helps strengthen your heart muscle and circulation, so whether you’re a fan of running, walking, gymming or whatever else, ensure to make time for exercise multiple times a week. Of course exercise has loads of other benefits too, even if it’s just an excuse to have a takeaway or a second slice of cake.

Eating well
If you don’t properly fuel your body, you’ll end up feeling sluggish and tired. Eating plenty of protein, fibre and healthy fats like nuts and avocados can help satisfy your hunger and make your energy last longer. In addition to eating well, drinking plenty of water throughout the day will be your saviour. This prevents tiredness from dehydration and can keep you more alert and awake.

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