Shut up Bitch! – Poem

Here at student wire we wanted to mix things up a bit…

Rather than give you another article to read whilst exams approach, we’ve got a personally written poem from a student at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. 



When you constantly feel like you’re drowning
And you can’t reach the ground with your feet

The mind it becomes overwhelming
I can’t speak any word that I think

It becomes a blur
An overbearing mess

Organised chaos by him, by them.

Society knows that it’s happening
They chose to ignore the scattering

We by gender, descriminated and told

to be beautiful
to be kind
to be so called thin
to be fit
to stay at home
to work

Told to stay quiet

Cause we might chat
Cause that’s all we are
‘Chatter boxes’


Told to stay quiet about what may or may not have happened
You’re lying, you’re paranoid!

Shut up bitch!

Am I a bitch for not wanting to be scared?

It hurt and I screamed
It was loud and yet so quiet

I was called a liar and a girl who wants attention
Apparently I drink red wine, or so I was told.

By him.

Apparently nothing happened, or so I was told.

By him.

  1. Well let me tell you something.
    I’m wakening society and they are not so beautiful and they are not so kind.
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