Six Student Survival Essentials You NEVER Think to Buy in Advance

Think you’re all sorted for a year at University? Think again.

Past experience has demonstrated that however many lists you write, you’ll always arrive at your accommodation to find at least one essential item for survival is missing. It’s always the item you take for granted, that’s usually readily available at your parents’ home. Living in more than one place can prove to be a challenge.

Please find below a list of menial items that are crucial to survive a student lifestyle, which are often overlooked.


1.      Blu-tack
You churn out all your belongings into a box of a room. It’s bland, cold and daunting that this will be your home for the next 9 months of your life. Pangs of disheartening regret ricochet through your body. However, as unpacking begins you start to warm to the room. You’ve brought all your memories in photographic form (to turn it from a house to a home); it is at this point you realise you have nothing to fix them to the wall with. You have to live in the sparse room until you get to the shops. Damn, should have bought the blu-tack!


2.      Pack of cards

Struggle to make small talk? This is your key to socializing with an abundance of people who are friends of friends of friends and who just happen to be sitting in your house, beverage in hand. Kicking off some drinking games will always be warmly welcomed, but often there are no packs of cards in sight, and those that are appear incomplete or have crinkled from being dried out on a radiator following spillages. You can never have too many packs of cards in student accommodation.


3.      Tissues

If you find that you’re highly susceptible to contagious diseases like colds, then it is quite probable that you will catch something during Fresher’s week, as everyone’s immune systems plunge downhill. Be prepared. Secondly, if you’re one for a wild night out, word of advice is there is never any toilet roll available by 12.30am. Again, be prepared.

4.      Plasters

Are killer heels your thing? Blisters are inevitable. Besides this, all those nicks, when you shave hurriedly, and walks home barefoot from a nightclub, bring cause for plasters. Something that at the time you presume will be in your bathroom cabinet, but you then realise that you’re not living with your parents.


5.      Plain White Bed Sheet

Fancy dress requires unprecedented imagination. Or does it? Themed nights out strongly feature in a student lifestyle and it is essential to survive them if you want to show your personality and build friendships. What better costume than a versatile plain white bed sheet- great for toga parties, ghosts at Halloween and snowmen at Christmas. You can’t go wrong!


6.      Cereal

If you can’t cook then this is for you. Healthy, nutritious and full of fibre, dry cereal will sort out all your hunger needs; you’ll grow to crave it. There is always a lot going on in the student lifestyle so whilst you don’t have time, or just can’t be bothered, this is your three meals a day covered cheaply. Gradually, you can progress your culinary skills to perfection, but this will require time and practice.

From first year undergraduates to post-grads who are out there to have a good time, everyone has different experiences and creates their own unique university journey. If you’ve discovered any other menial items that really are essential to a complete student lifestyle, please share it with us via the comment box below!


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