Latin Art At The South London Gallery

Recently I went to the South London Gallery with my partner as a part of our cultural programme for the weekend. The exhibition featured works by more than 35  Latin American artists including Carlos Amorales, Mariana Castillo Deball and Damian Ortega

Food, Music and Film

Even though the show was a collection of work by Latin American artists, it seemed to me much more global .The presentation included both video, sound and employed food as a material as well as a theme. It fascinated me how we both could engage with it on equal level,my partner being a gamer and a film buff ,while i am a sculpture student.I guess that is because the themes and media used in the artworks are reminiscent with those used by social media such as Facebook and Youtube. For this reason the exhibition can be appealing to a wider audience consisting of people who are not associated with the fine arts.

The show reminded me of my daily social media experience.  I often find myself being carried away watching the mouth-wateringly appealing meal preparation tutorials under the name Tasty. I also get frequently drawn into an array of music videos. Is this something that you can relate to? To me food, music and film sound like an obsession of almost any millennial.

Latin American food, believe it or not, is quite deeply embedded into the English culture. It has to be noted that fajitas , tacos and Doritos  now can be officially included in the list  of National favourites. Authentic as well as Latin American fusion restaurants are becoming more and more popular. Turtle Bay, Gaucho and Las Iguanas being notable examples.


Damian Ortega  built a structure out of dried tortillas that are attached to each other like pieces off puzzle.He called it”Tortillas Construction Module” .I found it interesting how the sculpture creates a pattern playing against a stark white background of the gallery space. While you are having a Mexican Night with your housemates, have you ever contemplated creating a series of sculptures which would make for an art exhibition worthy to be shown in a gallery? Well, next time you do it might be worth a think.


Members of the public were encouraged to take a pair of drumsticks from the wall and explore the sound qualities of various cymbals attached to a structure that is suspended from the ceiling. Interactive art  is getting ever more popular of course now due to people becoming accustomed to the touch screen technologies where you touch the sensor which produces a certain effect.


Among several video works at the show the one I found the most quirky was a series of projections of stone surfaces which all looked like different continents. That looked to me a lot like the Photoshop alternated photographs circulating Facebook and the internet. Modern young people love the fun of visual and thematic associations, proven by the popularity of memes, for example. 

 The website says that the show is a part of” Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative that offers a direct access to contemporary art and education on a global scale” and in my opinion it does exactly that.

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BA Sculpture student at Camberwell College of Arts,London. I am passionate about writing and in particular interested in the connection between modern art and technology,new groundbreaking projects.

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