Sports accessories for the new semester

If you’ve scoped out the nearest gyms in the city you’ve just moved to, or have simply decided to get fit doing home exercises, you’ll be needing some new sports accessories to help you through those workout routines. Here we’ve reviewed 3 of the most beneficial additions to helping you keep fit at uni.

Mizuno Wave Phantom 2 trainers 

These specially designed netball trainers are light weight, bright, and provide all the support needed for such a high intensity sport. Netball is one of the biggest university sports and the UK’s number one female participation sport. Yet an extraordinary 70% of netballers aren’t wearing the correct shoes to play in. The vast majority play in running shoes or generic ‘trainers’ which don’t provide the necessary grip and support for the quick, dynamic movements needed in the game. This is where Mizuno comes in.

The Wave Phantom 2 trainers are a pair of extremely well-fitting training shoes. I was particularly impressed with how the arches of my feet were superbly supported. This reduces the risks of sustaining either ankle or knee injuries when rapidly changing pace and direction. The soles are not heavy, but are sturdy with a good, non-slip base. The materials used for the uppers are soft and comfortable, yet still strong and flexible. Although these shoes have been primarily designed for wear during netball games, they can be used for a variety of court-based activities too. So if you’re a basketball or squash player at uni then these are the shoes for you! Priced between £64 to £90, you can find them on Lovell Netball, Netball UK, and Amazon

Thule VEA 21L backpack

If you are looking for a high quality, good looking backpack for trekking to the gym (or even to uni or the office) then this may well be the item for you. This bag by Thule, the company famous for its superb automobile luggage equipment, is as good as it gets in the build quality department. It is manufactured to the highest standards. The materials used are tactile, attractive, and will be highly durable.

All the zips are smooth and positive in their action; there’s none of that snagging and jamming that you get on cheaper bags. The bag has two main compartments, the rear one for your laptop/tablet, documents etc just like a briefcase. This compartment is well padded and beautifully lined, keeping your laptop safe and sound. The front compartment is definitely big enough to pack all your gym clothes away. The most novel idea is the shoe compartment! Accessed via a zip at the bottom of the bag, you can stuff in your workout trainers with no fear of getting your clothes dirty. The bag is easy to pack since the compartments are loaded by a full length zip down the front of the bag. The lining again is superb and very hard wearing. 

The bag can be worn on the back as a normal rucksack, or converted into a shoulder bag with the extra strap. However, if you’ve done too many arm exercises at the gym then the bag can also by carried by hand using the carry strap on one side. On the whole this is a really well thought out piece of luggage. It should give years of service and is well worth the money. Ideal for students, gym-goers and travelers alike, find it on the Thule website

MAGIC Bodyfashion sports bras

A light and extremely supportive yoga bra from MAGIC. Despite this being marketed as a yoga support bra, this was tested in a zumba/body combat class environment. It was true to size and and could be not be felt when it was being worn. This is such a key point to keep in mind about the product, as poorer quality sports bras often feel heavy and restrictive. Even though zumba/body combat classes involve high and rapid body movements, there was no movement from the bra during this class. It stayed in position well and gave total support as it is made of high quality, durable materials. There was no itchiness from the back straps and the breast pads were firm but pliable. All in all, this is an excellent piece of sports underwear and I was so impressed! At only £20, this is a must have item to be found on the MAGIC website


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