Spotlight on International Students

Going to uni is a big life upheaval. For many of us being away from family, friends, home comforts and getting into a whole new routine is quite a challenge. There are even more challenges when you’re an international student studying in the UK. There’s new food, new fashions, new music, cars driving on the “wrong” side of the road AND a new language. Even our English speaking cousins have to realise it’s a boot NOT a trunk…

It’s not all bad though. Being an international student is a wonderful adventure. Talk about coming out of your comfort zone. Being different can be a bit of a bonus – your classmates will find you fascinating, exotic – even a little sexy if you work that accent! Now’s the time to really be fearless and make travelling across the pond worth it. Capture all your new experiences in pictures – you’ll love looking back at them when your UK uni adventure is over. Then there’s that little “challenge” you’ve set yourself of getting a degree. Let’s face it – it won’t be much of a welcome home party if you’ve flunked all your classes.

So how do you make sure you’re on a level playing field with your classmates? Here are a few tricks — it’s OK to use these if you’re not an international student – we won’t tell:

1. Record your lectures. If you’re struggling to understand every word – there’s nothing like being able to playback and pause in your own time

2. Watch a movie. If the book is making no sense at all and you’re lucky enough to find a film version – make that your study tool!

3. Find a quick fix for homesickness. Internet radio allows you to still listen to your favourite show from back home – just hearing the accents/adverts/bad euro pop will make you feel like you’ve never left.

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