Starter Pack: the official pre-drinks pack

Introducing Starter Pack: the ultimate go-to pack for all students hosting or attending a pre-drinks session!

Sheffield Hallam students Jake and Joe have created the ideal pre-drinks pack for students of all ages, allowing them to enjoy their night well before they’ve even paid entry to a club. As students themselves, the lads are well aware of the antics happening throughout pre’s, and have put together the essentials for us all to enjoy. 

Starter Pack includes: 

  • A rule booklet for various drinking games
  • 12 beer pong cups
  • 6 beer pong balls
  • One pack of waterproof playing cards 
  • 6 reusable shot glasses
  • Bottle opener 
  • 30 environmentally friendly drinking straws

We all know that pre-drinks is the perfect opportunity to meet new people, let your hair down, and have some fun. So providing this Starter Pack for all your mates will definitely make you everybody’s favourite person, and it may even score you a few free drinks!

The pack is ideal for first year students attending freshers, as the game booklet and beer pong items are great icebreakers when making new friends and having a laugh together. There’s a total of 14 games listed and explained in the rule booklet too, so you’ll never run out of choices and ways to entertain your guests. It’s a great solution to avoid people mixing up rules of the games, and wasting precious drinking time on browsing game rules on the web. 

Personally I love how everything is reusable; especially the drinking straws, which have become a much-talked about topic in the contemporary environmentalist sphere. To see small, start-up businesses like this invest in environmentally friendly components really is a step in the right direction! 

Lightweight, portable and versatile, the pack itself can be ordered from the Starter Pack website for only £12.99. Split between a flat of 5 students, that’s only £2.60 each! Quality games items on a student budget? Look no further. 

For more news, products, and offers, Starter Pack can be found on:

Twitter – @StarterPack__ 

Instagram – @Starter_Pack 

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Molly Hare

Molly Hare // Ex Magazine Editor // PR and Journalism student at Leeds Beckett // Book worm, cocktail connoisseur, gherkin fanatic //

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