How to stay organised. Save time. Use a template.

ID-100105847Managing your work life, social life and not to mention budget can often be confusing and time consuming. Fear not, there are ways to stay ahead of the game, keep your life in check and manage the more boring aspects leaving you time to plan a get together with friends and even produce some professional invitations.

Did you know that Microsoft Office  gives you easy access to hundreds of useful templates to help with your studies as well as to have fun with?

Here’s a few we have picked out for you …

  • Timetables – Here’s just one example of the many timetable templates available to print off and stick on the fridge to keep you organised. This one has fields for the days of the week, periods, name, term schedule, and school name.
  • Homework Timetables – Track your homework or project assignments with many different schedule templates and never miss a hand-in date again!
  • Budget Schedule – BEFORE you spend your entire maintenance grant in Fresher’s Week, it might be an idea to evaluate your budget with a personal budget template. This one covers a whole year, but there are others which you could use/adapt to work out your termly overheads. Totals are calculated for you in each category and at the top for a grand total.
  • Invitations – Halloween is a great excuse to get to know more people at university – especially if you missed out on Fresher’s Week.  Why not throw a party and use this template to create a fun invitation?
  • Flyers – Use templates like this one to advertise events or even items for sale. You can customise the look by replacing the photo with your own, or use this template as it is by simply filling in your information.
  • Presentations – With Office 365 University you will have many different presentation templates, including charts and graphs.


To download any of these templates you need Microsoft 365, giving you access to all the applications you know and love such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel plus loads more. At Phoenix Software you can save up to 85% – don’t miss out.


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