Winter fashion: how to stay warm while looking fabulous

ID-100102215Keeping warm during the winter months is essential but we all want to be fashionable at the same time! Here are some winter fashion tips and suggestions on the best warm and fashionable clothes to help you look absolutely amazing and feel great this winter…

Firstly layer it! It’s easy, it’s simple, it will keep you warm and enable you to wear even a thin, fancy coat and feel like you’re in the warmest of climates. Thick tights, undershirts, long tops that can be tucked in. Your clothes can be layered in so many ways which, of course, allows you to create a more interesting look and use even thinner garments you wouldn’t have even dreamed of wearing in winter!

Say YES to hats! Big hats, small hats, knit hats and fur hats – there are tons of amazing hats you can opt for this winter. Protect your hair and head from the cold with a lady-like cloche hat that has made a comeback this year, opt for a Russian-style fur hat, statement hat or a super-trendy knitted one! So many hassle-free ways to beat the cold and never have to wonder how to keep warm but fashionable again!

Fabrics like cashmere, angora and mohair will never cease to be stylish – and they will never fail to keep you warm either. Once you have a few top quality sweaters in your closet, putting together a warm and fashionable outfit is easy. Think about it this way – for every two synthetic sweaters you could buy a really nice comfortably warm one.

Lastly invest in a FABULOUS coat… It’s not something you buy every day, or even every year so remember to shop wisely when choosing your style and colour! Short list of few that are both trendy and cosy. Not the easiest of tasks but it will be a great investment.

That’s it – as easy as that…some of the pieces are even an investment. But let’s face it.. with more cold months ahead, it is DEFINITELY worth it!

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