Staying safe abroad

ID-100141901So, you’ve landed in a different country and you feel the warm air hit your face as you step off the plane. But from now on your own safety is down to you; most parents, friends and family are at home and there’s only you to look after yourself.

The following tips should help you to stay safe whilst abroad so that you come back all in one piece!


1.      Keep your money and valuables safe

  • When you leave the apartment, try not to take many valuables with you
  • Keep valuables locked in a safe
  • Don’t take all your money out with you in your purse/ wallet
  • Don’t keep your purse/wallet in a pocket or visible place easy for pick pocketers to pinch, keep it on your person


2.      Be aware of your surroundings

  • Stick to well lit areas at night time
  • Keep a map on you if you are exploring an unknown/ uninhabited area
  • Travel in groups as much as possible
  • Find out the emergency contact numbers


3.      Select the right accommodation

  • Make sure your accommodation isn’t in the middle of nowhere; will there be transport links?
  • Check the reviews for the place you are planning on staying


Other things you might want to keep in mind;

  • Make sure you have full travel insurance
  • If you are travelling within the EU make sure you get your free European Health Insurance Card which entitles you to reduced or free emergency care.
  • Fill in the emergency contact details in your passport
  • Ensure someone always knows where you are
  • Overestimate how much money you will need
  • Get all vaccinations required

A holiday is meant to be to get away, a fun/relaxing experience, so if you’ve covered everything you can and stay safe it will make your trip much more enjoyable and prevent you from coming back with any horror stories!


Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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