How to Stick to Your Goals When You’ve Lost Motivation

After that initial spark of inspiration, it can be difficult to see an idea through all the way to the end, whether the goal is to be fitter, to start a new hobby or perhaps work on a new project. Take New Year resolutions. Just 8% of people have stuck to their New Year resolutions after the year, despite the majority us choosing to make them. 

So what keeps going wrong? Why does our motivation fizzle away when we are so close to achieving our goals? There are now a wide range of apps on the market all claiming that they can offer the perfect strategy to keeping motivation on a project. Some work by consistently praising you as you reach goals whilst others offer techniques and methods to encourage you to keep up the hard work, but do any of these actually work?

Whilst these apps normally encourage us to work longer and harder to achieve our goals, many of us still never manage to. If you add all of the different aspects of these apps together then you have the perfect strategy; a combination of points, rewards and targets. But don’t just take my word for it, here is a full proof plan to make sure that you never loose motivation ever again!


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Brittany Guymer

Editor of the Student Wire | Studying PR and Journalism at Leeds Beckett | Lover of good music and all things quirky | Easily bribed with mini eggs

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